Best Practices For Social Media Sharing During The Holidays

shutterstock_113736538The holidays can be such a great time to engage with your audience on social media. You can be a little funnier and a little lighter than usual, and you can generate a lot of goodwill that will follow you into 2016.

Here are some tips and tricks to do social media right this time of year.

‘Tis The Season

Use some of the traditions of the season to have fun on social media. Host an online Christmas sweater contest. Ask your team to share photos of their first Christmas. Support your favorite college team as they play in their bowl game.

Sprinkle these holiday-themed posts in with your more business-like content. These types of social media posts bring a human element to your social media presence — and people do business with people they like and have a rapport with.

Share Your Good Work

Chances are, you’re doing a ton to give back to your community. This is the season when people really care about good works, so publicize them. Create an infographic that shows how your staff has volunteered throughout the community during the past year, for example. Or ask one of the charities you’ve supported to write a blog post for you that talks about how the funds and time you’ve given has helped them achieve their goals.

You can also simply use your social media feed to promote local or national nonprofits that serve goals related to your mission.

Use Scheduling Tools

All of the greatest social media content is useless if you don’t have the bandwidth to post it during the holidays. Plan out your posts, then set them to post at specific times and days to meet your needs. Use tools to schedule the posts, or hire a social media team to help out.

Do make sure that you check in periodically so you can respond to any questions or comments in a timely manner. Ignoring audience comments can be a big social media faux pas.

Be Creative In Scheduling

The typical scheduling advice falls by the wayside when people aren’t in their normal workplace routines. Experiment with scheduling posts at atypical times of day to see when you get the most engagement, then use those times for your best content.

Keep track of what works for you this year so you can replicate it during the next holiday season. This data can also guide you during other holidays throughout the year, not just the winter holidays.

Have Fun

Social media can be a lot of fun — and your audience will appreciate that you’re sharing in the joy of the holiday season. Be light and merry. Enjoy sharing your content and the great work you do with your followers.

Need some help with your social media plan? The team here at Content Writers is here for you. Give us a call to see how we can support you.

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