Frequently Asked Questions: Writers


General Qs


How soon will I receive assignments?

Our team takes special care to ensure that you are only assigned jobs that match your specific qualifications. Because each assignment is hand-picked for writers, there is no definitive timeline regarding how soon you will start to see assignments.

How often will I receive assignments?

The frequency of assignments depends on our flow of jobs and how they match with your specialty areas.

Do I have a quota I must meet on a weekly basis?

There is no minimum or maximum writing commitment. We just ask that you always provide your best effort, maintain quality and do not take on an assignment if it can't be completed with the utmost quality by the stated deadline. At CW, the more quality content you write, the more money you make. 

Will I be able to choose my assignments?

When a client submits assignments to CW, the CW team matches a writer to a client's assignment by carefully considering the writer's background, skill, expertise, past performance, and style in reference to the requirements of the assignment. You will be able to Accept or Reject a job offer depending on your availability and comfort with the topic at hand.

Process Qs

Will I be notified when new jobs are submitted?

Yes, as a writer for CW, you will be notified via email when a new assignment is being offered to you. The assignment details will be available for you to review and accept.

How long do I have to accept an assignment?

To stay on track with deadlines, we try to get jobs assigned within a few hours. Communication is key - we always appreciate the quickest response you’re able to provide.

What does the typical timeline for assignments look like?

After a project is assigned, writers have either 1 business day (for a 3-business-day client order) or 3 business days (for a 5-business-day client order) to complete the assignment. After submission, the assignment goes through editing (1 day) and proofreading (1 day) before being submitted to the client. The client has 3-10 business days to review the content after submission, and either accept the content or request a revision. These timelines may vary depending on the assignment.

Does CW edit my work or does the client?

All CW jobs go through an internal editing and proofreading process.

However, it is important that all writers proofread their work and ensure that all jobs follow the CW Style Guide before submitting. We recommend running your work through a program like Grammarly, Hemingway, or ProWritingAid to check for any spelling, grammar, or spacing errors before you submit your draft. 

Clients can request revisions or edits from you as the writer. Once content has been finalized and approved by the client, their internal team can make canges to the copy as needed. 

How long does it take to have my work edited or reviewed?

CW's editors will make their best efforts to review and edit your draft as soon as it is provided. Depending on the job deadline, CW's editors and proofreaders each have 1-business day to review your work and provide feedback if needed.

How many edits am I allowed on a particular job assignment?

Clients are afforded a minimum of 2 revision requests per job, but these revision must fall within the original scope of their request. If a client requests revisions on a given job, you have 1-business day to complete that request. CW reserves the right to reassign any job that the client deems to have not answered their job brief properly. If a client requests revisions that are beyond the scope of the initial job order, compensation will be adjusted accordingly.

Will I be able to communicate with the client about the assignment?

The writer and client have the opportunity to communicate through CW's dashboard about the assignment when a job is accepted by the writer. At that point, the writer may ask the client questions regarding the assignment and how to better understand the client's needs and wants.

Payment Qs


How much does an assignment pay?

You will always be provided the specific rate for a project before you accept the job and begin to write.

How soon will I receive payment for assignments?

Payments are made on the 15th and 30th of every month, or the closest business day. All jobs that are marked “complete” within 2 weeks of the next pay period will be queued for payment. Jobs are marked “complete” after the client’s review period*, or after client-requested revisions are made and accepted. If you are unsure when a job that’s marked complete will be paid, check the Pending Payments page in your dashboard.

*Please note that most clients are on a 3-, 6-, or 10-day review period.

Why has X job been paid out but not Y job? 

A job is processed for payment once a client marks it as complete. Most clients are on a 3-, 6-, or 10-day review period, so jobs will closeout according to that schedule. Clients may occasionally ask to extend their review periods, and we do our best to keep our writers apprised of such changes. 

How do I handle taxes at the end of the year?

All writers for CW are independent contractors responsible for their own taxes, withholdings, and deductions. The IRS requires that you fill out a W9 as a condition to accepting jobs.

Are there any penalties for missing a deadline or cancelations?

If the writer fails to meet a specific deadline, CW reserves the right to reassign that job and to discontinue working with that writer in the future. Deadlines are critical to ensuring quality control and client satisfaction. Other penalties may apply, as outlined in CW's Writer Services Agreement.

AI Policy Qs


Does ContentWriters accept any AI-generated content?

ContentWriters does not accept content written or originated (in part or in total) by artificial intelligence (A)I. We utilize AI detection software to scan each of our products before delivery to clients. ContentWriters assures our clients that the work provided is original, accurate and copyrightable product. We cannot provide that assurance for work that is written or originated by AI.

Corrective or enhancing tools like Grammarly or Hemingway can be used to edit your text, and are not significantly flagged by AI detection software. Please note Grammarly’s Beta AI (GrammarlyGO) will be detected, so only use Grammarly for its editing capabilities. 

Does ContentWriters accept AI-generated outlines or topic pitches? 

No. After testing multiple approaches, using outlines or pitches generated by AI can impact your content significantly. 

What happens if ContentWriters' AI detection tool flags my work as being AI-generated?

If a piece is flagged as having a high probability of being AI-generated, we will review the piece across a few different AI detection tools to make a determination. 

If we determine that you have used AI-generated generated content, you will be given a report detailing what parts of your assignment were flagged, and will be asked to rewrite those sections. Should you refuse such a request, you will be removed from the assignment without compensation. 

If Admins notice a pattern of disregard for the above policy, your account may be permanently deactivated.

Please note: We do not use the detection scores as one-offs without context. We also track averages across all of the work you submit, and all of the work submitted across our network, in an effort to root out false positives & further ensure our clients are getting human-generated content. 

How reliable is AI detection software?

Reliability varies across products. The ContentWriters team conducted rigorous testing of multiple services and selected, which many other content platforms have integrated as well. Through our review, it’s proven to be highly accurate

Can AI detection software produce false positives? 

While it is possible that AI detection software produces false positives, we have conducted rigorous testing with and have found it to be the most accurate tool for detecting AI-generated writing. These tools will only grow to be more accurate as the industry learns how to best detect AI writing.
Why was my content flagged for AI writing if I didn’t use AI?

AI tends to manufacture content in a predictable pattern of language. Humans may occasionally write this way, which typically means that the text is generic or lacks a certain amount of depth or variety in syntax and structure. 

How can I ensure my own writing does not get flagged for AI?

From a human perspective, the following are things our reviewers look out for: 

  • Repetition of sentence structure — diversify your sentence length and syntax

  • Repetition of words and phrases — incorporate best practices for strong writing

  • Lack of analysis or deep insight — expand upon points made and provide context 

  • Rigid writing styles — whenever possible, keep your tone conversational/human 

  • Inaccurate data — be sure you’re using and referencing appropriate sources 

  • Passive voice — active voice help to stay concise, authoritative, and clear 

Check out the blog for more insights!

I don’t use AI but am curious. How can I check if my content might be flagged for AI? 

If you’re at all concerned about whether your own writing might be flagged, you can scan your content through CopyLeaks. While it’s not the tool we use, it is free and was a close second in our search for the most accurate tool. 

You can also upload the free Chrome extension, which helps provide draft evidence of your writing. Alternatively, creating your content in Google Docs will track your document's edit history and can clearly show your creation process from start to finish. 


Platform Qs

Will my work be rated?

Many (but not all) of your assignments will receive a 1-5 rating from the client. You'll be able to view the rating, if available, once the job has been marked Complete. If a client provided written feedback, those notes will be shared with you as well. If you do not receive a rating or feedback, it simply means that the client did not provide any for that particular piece. 

Do client scores impact my overall standing at ContentWriters? 

The better you write and meet deadlines, the better the chance for future work from ContentWriters. In our evaluation process, CW considers deadline management, adherence to the content brief, the number of edits and revisions necessary for each of your drafts, and client comments and ratings. We also pay close attention to client requests to work with the same writer.

Why do you need my bio?

The clients we write for are typically looking for industry-specific, specialized writers, and we hand-pick assignments for each writer. Having your bio allows us to quickly understand your main strengths and to share those with potential clients to get you more work.

Will my photo and bio be displayed somewhere?

Everyone who writes for CW completes a profile on The information you enter into your profile, including your photo, is for internal use only. We will inform you if we incorporate any information in a public-facing profile or byline.

Why do you keep my writing samples on file?

We use writing samples to showcase your talents to prospective clients in an effort to get you more writing work. They are used purely as examples and the copyright is held by you or the client who you wrote the content for.

What kinds of writing samples should I upload?

Upload samples that best represent your writing skill, keeping in mind that these will be shown to businesses that might want you to write for them. Writing samples that show your industry expertise and voice should be prioritized, and it’s a good idea to include samples of different content types so that we can see your work in different formats.

Why didn’t my sample get approved?

We select only your top samples and we prioritize samples that we know will resonate the most with prospective clients. If we did not approve one of your samples, please feel free to submit additional options for approval.

What if I need to take time off from my work with ContentWriters?

If you need to take any time off, simply enter a Time Off request in your profile. This will notify our team and we’ll hold off on sending you any new work while you’re away.

Am I able to access my account on my mobile phone or tablet?

While a mobile app is on our roadmap, until further notice all jobs and updates must be checked on

If I have an issue, who should I contact?

CW wants you to know that we are here for you when you need assistance. Please feel free to email us at [email protected]. If you have a question about a specific job, you can also contact the account manager on the Discussion Board!

If you're not subscribed to our Network Newsletter, let us know at [email protected]. We'll get you on the list and in the know!