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  • Product Description Writing
  • Category Page Content Writing
  • Amazon A+ Content Writing
  • eCommerce Blogs & SEO Articles
  • Local Landing Pages
  • FAQ Content Writing

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SEO Optimized eCommerce Content Writing

Our clients trust us to write their product descriptions, category pages, A+ content, and product-focused blogs because our process is built for scalability and we deliver high-quality work.

ContentWriters’ eCommerce Content Writing Services Include:

Unique Copy

Search engines look for original content when they crawl websites. Writing unique content that includes targeted keywords for your products and pages improves SEO performance and boosts conversions.

Specialized eCommerce Writers

Our expert eCommerce SEO writers write thousands of custom product descriptions, category pages, blogs, and other content types every month. We write for industries such as health, auto, fashion/retail, food and beverage, and more.

Dedicated Account Management

Our account managers build teams of writers, editors and proofreaders for you. Leveraging our content management platform, they create workflows so that we can deliver quality work at scale, month after month.

Product Description Writing Services

Writing unique romance/creative copy and feature bullets helps eCommerce companies:

  • Improve search and page rankings.
  • Drive conversions by providing key information to buyers.
  • Speak to their audience in a unique and trustworthy voice.

SEO eCommerce Category Pages

Unique, informative category pages help eCommerce companies:

  • Inform customers and search engines of what is on each page.
  • Improve search and page rankings by focusing on specific keywords.
  • Link to relevant brand and product pages to drive product sales.

eCommerce Blog Writing

Blogs and SEO articles help eCommerce companies:

  • Demonstrate thought leadership and subject matter expertise.
  • Target specific keywords to increase website traffic.
  • Drive sales and conversions by linking to product pages.

Custom eCommerce SEO Services

Custom content types for eCommerce companies might include:

  • Local pages or local landing pages.
  • Video scripts.
  • FAQs and more.

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What is eCommerce content writing?

eCommerce content writing applies to product description copy, category page copy, articles, blogs, FAQ copy, and other written content on an eCommerce website. Brands create this type of content in order to build out their brand voice, connect with and inform buyers on their buying journey, write about relevant keywords and ultimately drive sales.

How do I become an eCommerce content writer?

There are many ways to become an eCommerce content writer or eCommerce copywriter. You can work directly with a brand or you can work with a company like ContentWriters that has many clients in the eCommerce space.

If you are interested in working with ContentWriters, sign up here.

Why is content writing important in eCommerce?

Content writing is crucial to the success of your eCommerce brand. Having original, unique content on your website not only allows a brand to differentiate itself from competitors – it also improves SEO performance and builds a brand voice that customers know and trust.

Search engines are constantly evolving, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest changes and stay agile as a content marketing team. Not only that, but content such as blogs or local pages can go out of date. Keeping your content up to date will help maintain trust between your brand and its audience.

How can I engage with ContentWriters for eCommerce content writing services?

If you are looking to scale your eCommerce SEO and need category page content, product description writing services, FAQ content or local pages, or a high volume of blog/article content (i.e. more than 10 articles per month) we will work with your team under our Managed Services offering.

Your Content Success Specialist builds your team of writers, creates a content calendar, manages deadlines, and ensures quality and consistency with your content over the duration of our relationship. Leveraging our proprietary content management platform, we will build a workflow to manage your assignments at scale.

For some content types, ordering through our platform via Self-Service is an option. For example, if you need eCommerce blogs or articles or eCommerce email marketing support, you can order with self-service.

Create an account here to get started with self-service, or book a meeting to discuss managed services here.

Does ContentWriters provide keyword research for eCommerce clients?

When we provide eCommerce SEO services, we often work alongside marketing teams who handle SEO keyword research in-house. Companies already working with SEO agencies will have those agencies provide us with the eCommerce marketing strategy.

For companies that don't conduct SEO keyword research in-house or with a partner, we provide customized keyword-first and topic-first approaches that compliment our content writing services. Our team can research specific keywords and pitch topics for articles for you, or we can take topics from you and then research relevant keywords. Reach out to our sales team here to get a quote for keyword research services.

How does ContentWriters select writers for my account?

ContentWriters works with a large network of US-based freelance writers, all with their own areas of expertise and specialization. Some might be expert medical or fashion writers, while others are great product landing page writers or general web content writers.

When identifying the best writer for your account we will consider the industry, brand voice and style, content type, and audience, and match you with a writer or team of writers who will deliver on your quality standards.

Additionally, we will identify writers who are a good long-term fit for you. This will ensure consistent quality and fewer revisions over the course of our relationship.

What is A+ content?

A+ Content allows brands to add additional content and information to their Amazon product pages. This might include images, text, and tables to inform customers about your products. Adding detailed A+ Content to a product page not only helps build a relationship with your customers, but it will also help you perform better with search and has been shown to increase conversions.

Does ContentWriters work on Amazon product descriptions and A+ Content?

Yes! ContentWriters works with brands to write their product descriptions and A+ Content. Working with our network of freelance writers and account managers, ContentWriters takes detailed job briefs and product information and turns that into digestible, informative product descriptions and textual A+ Content for our clients.

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