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We specialize in:

  • Bylined articles
  • Finance articles
  • Health and medical content
  • Insurance and finance writing
  • Business and tech articles
  • Lifestyle and fashion copy

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Scalable Content Solution

Digital publishers demand a high volume of quality content to release to their audience each week. Whether you are looking to create new evergreen articles, timely posts, or bylined content or you want to refresh or edit existing content, ContentWriters can support your needs.

ContentWriters offers publishers:

Quality Content

To keep your audience engaged and drive traffic to your site, you need great content. We provide high-quality work thanks to our network of vetted, US-based writers who have written for publications like Forbes, Haymarket Media, US News & World Report, and more.

A Scalable Solution

Our platform is built to manage content at scale. Your team can view a content calendar spanning multiple content formats, request topic ideas, organize your work by project, add unlimited team members, and save time via bulk actions.

Dedicated Account Management

Your Content Success Specialist will work with you to engage and retain a team of writers, editors, and proofreaders with relevant expertise and style. We'll manage job assignments and deadlines and will meet with you regularly to stay aligned on feedback and results.

Article Writing

Publishers use ContentWriters for their article writing because we:

  • Build reliable, experienced writing teams with a single point of contact.
  • Offer ghostwritten or bylined articles from expert voices.
  • Provide writer bios for approval before starting work (upon request).
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Evergreen Content

Publishers leverage ContentWriters to write evergreen content because we:

  • Can efficiently manage a larger volume of content than an in-house team alone.
  • Know how to write content that improves web traffic, conversions, and rankings.
  • Offer topic pitching and keyword research services.
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Refurbished Content

Publishers work with ContentWriters on refurbishing content because we:

  • Understand the importance of relevant, up-to-date articles.
  • Provide tiered options depending on the level of refresh your piece requires.
  • Research topics in-depth to provide valuable new content.
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Custom Content Services

Publishers work with ContentWriters for additional content services such as:

  • Local pages or local landing pages.
  • Video scripts.
  • FAQs and more.
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ScriptSave experienced an improvement in consumer engagement and site traffic by leveraging authoritative content.

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Publisher Services FAQs

How does ContentWriters source its writers?

ContentWriters works with a network of specialized, US-based expert writers. Our publisher clients request content on topics such as finance, health and medical, rehab and addiction, insurance, and more. Due to the expertise required by our clients, we hire writers vetted through an English proficiency test, writing sample review, timed writing test, and phone interview. All writers must have at least 3 years of previous writing experience.

When looking for writers for your accounts, we will look for relevant subject matter expertise, preferred credentials, and long term availability. We can provide writer bios and writing samples for you to approve throughout the relationship.

Who does ContentWriters typically work with within publications?

We generally work with digital editors, digital media executives, managing editors, and SEO teams at publications. Working directly with an account manager at ContentWriters allows our clients to save time, manage a single point of contact, and create content that might otherwise be deprioritized by an internal team.

How do digital publishers typically source writers?

Many digital publishers work with a content writing service, a roster of freelance writers, or have internal teams. Digital publishers often prefer to work with outsourced content companies like ContentWriters because they provide quality work, are a cost-effective solution, and are often easier to manage than a large team of individuals.

How can I engage with ContentWriters for content writing services?

If you are looking for a content partner that can support your article writing, evergreen content writing, article refurbishing, or custom content such as video script writing, we will typically work with your team under our Managed Services offering.

Your Content Success Specialist will build your team of writers, support topic ideation, manage deadlines, and ensure quality and consistency with your content over the duration of our relationship. Leveraging our proprietary content management platform, we will build a workflow to manage your assignments at scale.

For some content types, ordering through our Self Service platform is another option. For example, if you have a small volume of content that you need ad hoc, you can order through a Self Service account.

Create an account here to get started with Self Service, or book a meeting to discuss Managed Services here.

Does ContentWriters provide keyword research for publishers?

For publishers that need support with their SEO research, we provide customized keyword-first and topic-first approaches that complement our content writing services. Our team can research keywords and pitch article topics for you, or we can take topics from you and then research relevant keywords for article optimization. Reach out to our sales team here to get a quote for keyword research services.

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