ContentWriters’ Service Options & Pricing

ContentWriters offers clients several different options to engage with our services.

For companies looking for white-glove managed services, we offer longer-term Managed Services Agreements and Managed Projects. For businesses and marketers seeking a short-term content solution, our Self Service option is a great choice!

Regardless of the route you choose, we deliver quality content with a satisfaction guarantee. Have confidence in the authenticity and accuracy of your content with our AI & plagiarism detection and 3-person writer, editor, and proofer teams.

Self Service

Best for businesses with ad hoc, low-volume content needs who want to order independently.

  • No platform fee or commitment
  • Wide range of standard content types and word-counts to choose from
  • Starting at $99 per piece

Managed Services

Best for businesses with consistent, high-volume, or custom content needs who want the support of an account manager.

  • Minimum commitment of 6 months required
  • Customized content packages with additional content types available
  • Starting at $2500 per month including management fee and content spend

Service Offerings

Self Service Managed Services
Review Period to Request Revisions 3 Business Days 6-10 Business Days
Revision Rounds 2 Unlimited
SEO Keyword Research Target Your Market Add-on
Bylined Pieces Enhance Credibility Add-on
API Integrate With Your Publishing Platform Yes

Content Types

Self Service Managed Services
Blog Posts Yes Yes
White Papers & eBooks Yes Yes
Web Articles Yes Yes
Press Releases Yes Yes
Newsletters Yes Yes
Social Media Content Yes Yes
Product Copy Yes
Category Pages Yes
Custom Content Yes

Managed Projects

If your scope is short-term, but you need custom content, bylined writers, or have a high volume of work to complete, a Managed Project could be a great fit.

Managed Projects include many of the benefits of Managed Services, but last for up to 5 months and are subject to some additional limitations.

Content Types & Pricing Information

ContentWriters’ pricing model is based on unit pricing for deliverables. Content type, extent of research, and word count range inform the unit pricing. Self Service clients have access to a selection of standard content formats, while Managed Services clients can access a wider variety & greater customization of content types.

Blog Posts

Blog posts start at $110 for 300-500 words.

Regularly publishing authoritative, informative blog content is a great way to drive web traffic, boost rankings, and engage with target audiences.

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White Papers and eBooks

White papers start at $380 for 1500 words.

White papers and eBooks require in-depth research and analysis. ContentWriters creates white-papers that promote thought leadership and conversions.

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Web Articles

Web articles start at $110 for 300-500 words.

Web articles often have a more professional and formal tone than blog posts. Producing frequent, timely web articles builds authority & supports SEO.

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Press Releases

Press releases start at $245 for 300-500 words.

Press releases boost PR & drive conversations about company news. ContentWriters produces concise press releases targeted at the right readers.

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Email newsletters start at $100 for 400-500 words.

Email campaigns support retention and growth. We write engaging newsletters on a recurring basis to keep your customers engaged with your business.

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Social Media Content

Social content starts at $65 for a bundle of 5 posts.

Social posts need to be tailored to the right audience and platform. ContentWriters delivers social posts in bundles to fuel your regular cadence.

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Additional Content Types Available to Managed Service Clients

Pricing for all custom content is based on volume, word count, and the level of research needed. Click the link below to schedule a consultation with one of our Content Strategists today!

Bylined Articles

Search engines rank content that displays authority. Having an expert voice from a medical doctor, lawyer, or SME and including their bylined authorship with your content is one way to present that authority. ContentWriters hand-selects credentialed writers with relevant authority and expertise to deliver bylined articles.

Product Copy

eCommerce businesses need to produce an enormous amount of product descriptions quickly. Our writing team delivers product copy in a variety of formats including Amazon product pages and custom pages for your in-house site.

Category Pages

Online shoppers search by category, which means that eCommerce businesses need optimized category pages. ContentWriters creates category page content for companies looking to drive traffic to their product listing pages.

Custom Content

We deliver other content types like eLearning modules, video scripts, and FAQs. We also refresh and refurbish existing content. These custom requests are quoted on a case by case basis, with pricing dependent on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in ContentWriters’ pricing?

Each piece of content includes human writing, editing and proofreading, AI and plagiarism scanning, and revising. Self Service and Managed Services have slight differences in the specifics of what’s included, so we’ll explain that below.

When you place a Self Service order with ContentWriters, you will receive content that has been worked on by at least three separate team members. First, the job will be assigned to a hand-selected writer who has the expertise to successfully meet your content needs and quality standards. When the writer has finished the first draft, the content will go to an editor, and then to a proofreader. Finally, the content is run through plagiarism and AI detection software as part of final review. The content is delivered to you via our content management platform for feedback and a revision request or approval. Revision requests must be submitted within 3 business days following the delivery of the content. Self Service clients may request up to 2 rounds of revisions.

Managed Services clients receive everything Self Service clients get and more. Managed Services clients have a 6-10 business day review window and may request unlimited revisions. Additionally, they will work directly with an account manager who will manage the content creation process, writer training and retention, and support for the account. Beyond that, Managed Services clients can order custom content types, build custom workflows, receive monthly topic pitching and SEO keyword research, and plan out their content calendar with their dedicated account manager.

What type of business is best fit for Self Service?

Businesses looking for short-term content solutions or those with infrequent content needs are best suited for Self Service. For example, if you need 1 or 2 blogs each month or are looking for a white paper in the short term, Self Service is the best solution for you.

Getting started is simple! Create a free account, then order content to be delivered anytime from 5 business days to 3 months in the future.

I’d like to request a quote for Managed Services. What are the next steps?

If you’d like to request a quote for Managed Services, please fill out the contact request form here to set up a meeting with one of our Content Strategists. The Content Strategist will connect with you to learn about your content plans and goals and they will build a custom content proposal based on your needs.

After an introductory call, the Strategist will set up a proposal meeting to present your custom pricing. Generally, after submitting the contact form to request a quote, you can expect a proposal in 1-5 business days depending on the complexity and timeline of your project.

If you’re looking to move fast, know that examples of the content you’re looking to create, your style guide, and a description of your content goals & writer preferences will help us more quickly generate a quote.

Does ContentWriters have a free trial?

Self Service accounts are free to open and don’t have a monthly subscription charge. However, ContentWriters does not currently offer free trials. For Managed Services, we offer paid tests in the form of either short trial projects or 3-month pilot periods.

If you're interested in learning more about our test options, please reach out to one of our Content Strategists. You may also connect with a Content Strategist to receive samples of our work specific to your desired content type and industry focus.

How much does ContentWriters charge per word?

ContentWriters pricing can range anywhere from $0.13 per word to $0.61+ per word, depending on the content type, word count of the content, expertise required, and expected turnaround time.

Keep in mind, though, that we don’t charge for content on a per-word basis, but rather set unit pricing based on a word count range. This ensures our writers are focused on delivering on your expectations but have the flexibility to make sure the content is high-quality. For example, an article with a word count of 1,000-1,500 words might cost $250 for the piece, rather than $0.17 per word.

With price-per-word or hour models, you may be overpaying for fluff or unnecessary hours to produce content. The ContentWriters model is built with scalability and predictability in mind, so our clients know how to budget for the content we’re expected to produce in a given month or quarter.

Does ContentWriters charge a platform or management fee?

Self Service clients do not pay any platform or management fees, and there are no added fees in general. Self Service clients can expect just to pay for the content that they order through the platform.

Managed Services clients pay a monthly account management fee. This fee is determined based on the expected content spend each month, the content types required, and the workflow required.

Can I pay ContentWriters via invoice?

Self Service clients pay upfront via credit card through the platform. Managed Services clients are able to pay via credit card or invoice on monthly or quarterly billing cycles.

Can I pay more for a writer to do more research?

If you’d like a writer to provide a little more research beyond what may be expected for a certain type of content, you can pay an additional fee for that service. This is a custom content order, so it can only be offered to Managed Services clients.

Can I pay more for a writer with credentials in my industry?

If you’d like to hire a writer with specific credentials, such as a medical doctor, personal injury lawyer, or CPA, ContentWriters can source an appropriate writer. This is a custom service, so it is only offered to our Managed Services clients and comes with an additional fee. Additionally, if you’d like to use the writer's byline or bio, this is a service offered only to Managed Services clients. This is a great strategy to maximize your site’s E-E-A-T!

Does ContentWriters charge for topic pitching?

No, ContentWriters offers complimentary topic pitching with content orders. Upon receiving a pitching request, we reach out to the writers on your account to pitch topics based on their personal experience and research. We provide those pitches for your review on our platform and, once approved, we’ll start the content creation process. Pitches may be saved in our platform to be used or considered at a future date.

For Self Service clients, you can make a request for topics when you complete the briefing details and place an order for a new piece of content.

For Managed Services clients, we’ll work with you to outline the best timeline and workflow for topic pitching and approval. Most clients like to work in our platform for this, in a workflow similar but if your team prefers shared spreadsheets, for example, we can also accommodate different workflows. If you’d like us to take an SEO keyword research approach to topic pitching, we provide keyword research reports that integrate with our content writing services for an additional fee.