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We specialize in:

  • Digital copywriting services
  • Article copywriting
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Video script copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Industry-specialized copywriters

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Quality Copywriting That Drives Traffic and Conversions

ContentWriters is a top-rated copywriting company that helps marketing and SEO professionals manage content creation for a wide variety of marketing and digital assets. Our network of freelance copywriters helps brands write quality, industry-specific content that drives traffic and conversions.

ContentWriters’ Copywriting Services Offer:

A Quality-First Approach

Every piece of copy that ContentWriters delivers to clients is edited, proofread, and checked using plagiarism detection software. Clients can request revisions through our platform, ensuring that every finished piece meets their quality standards.

A Scalable Solution

Clients can choose to engage our copywriting services either through our Self Service platform, or with Managed Services. Our Managed Services approach is designed to help clients scale their copywriting output over the long term while maintaining a consistent brand voice and tone.

Expert Writers

We assign different copywriting projects to our freelance copywriters based on their industry expertise and experience. All of our writers are US-based and are selected for your projects not only because of their industry expertise, but also based on style, tone, and brand alignment.

Long-form Copy

ContentWriters specializes in writing long-form copy such as:

  • In-depth articles over 2,000 words.
  • Well-researched white papers and eBooks.
  • How-to guides that inform clients about your products.
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Marketing Copy

ContentWriters works on marketing copy for clients such as:

  • Short-form blogs and articles under 2,000 words.
  • Social posts.
  • Email newsletters.
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SEO Copy

ContentWriters helps clients write different types of SEO copy including:

  • Keyword-focused blogs, articles, and white papers.
  • Keyword- and conversion-focused landing pages.
  • eCommerce copy such as product descriptions and category pages.
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Custom Copy

ContentWriters works with clients on custom copywriting projects such as:

  • Localized copy pages.
  • Video scripts and video copy.
  • FAQs and more.
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Copywriting Services FAQs

How do I engage ContentWriters for their copywriting services?

There are two ways to engage ContentWriters for copywriting services. If you are looking for a short-term solution for your copywriting needs, such as a single blog for your website or one or two email newsletters, you can order your copy directly through our Self Service platform.

To get started with Self Service, create an account here. Once you have an account, visit our order form to request a new piece of content. There you’ll select your desired delivery date, content type, and quantity. Then you will fill out information such as content goals, keywords, style, tone, and voice. Please provide as much information as you can to help our writers understand your quality standards. After you input your credit card information, your order will be charged and the job(s) will be submitted to our Content Operations team. On your selected delivery date, we’ll send you the written work for your review. With Self Service, you’ll be able to request up to two rounds of revisions on each piece.

The other way we work with our clients is with Managed Services. Typically, Managed Services clients have an ongoing need for content and spend a minimum of $2,000 with us on content each month. Our contracts generally require a 6-12 month commitment. You’ll work directly with an account manager who will be responsible for building and maintaining your writing team, managing assignments and deadlines, and facilitating any changes or revisions. If you’d like some more information on Managed Services, please fill out this form and a Content Strategist will connect with you.

What types of copywriting does ContentWriters specialize in?

ContentWriters works with clients on a wide variety of copywriting assignments. We work with publishers, eCommerce companies, individual brands, and agencies to write product copy, category page copy, long form and short form copy, email marketing copy, social copy, and other custom copy requests.

How does ContentWriters select a copywriter for my work?

ContentWriters works with a large network of specialized, US-based freelancers. When identifying the best writer for your account we will consider the industry, brand, copy type, and target audience. We’ll then match you with a copywriter or a copywriting team who will deliver on your quality standards.

Additionally, we will identify copywriters who are a good long-term fit for you. This will ensure consistency with the copy over the course of our relationship.

How does ContentWriters price copywriting projects?

Copy projects start at $99 but depend on a number of factors. We price our copywriting services based on the type of copy requested, the word count, and the delivery timeline. To see our standard rates, sign up and view the order form on our platform here. To receive a custom quote for your copy needs, please fill out a contact form here and a Content Strategist will connect with you.

How do I become a copywriter?

There are many ways to become a copywriter. You can work directly with a brand or you can work with a company like ContentWriters that will assign copywriting work to you. The most important thing to landing a copywriting job, however, is having a solid portfolio of work to share with the hiring manager.

If you are interested in working with ContentWriters and learning about our writer requirements, sign up here to apply.

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