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We specialize in:

  • Article and blog writing
  • White paper writing
  • SEO keyword research
  • Highly specialized writers
  • Quality content at scale
  • Efficient content operations

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Industry Specialized Content Writing That Wins

Whether your focus is B2B, B2C, or both, businesses need to create informative, high-quality content that informs readers and improves search performance. Content types such as blogs, white papers, case studies, articles, and social media posts drive engagement and convert readers into buyers.

ContentWriters’ Enterprise Content Writing Services Offer:

Industry Focused Writers

The best way to inform your audience and perform well on search is to publish high-quality content from expert voices. ContentWriters works with a large network of vetted, US-based writers who are selected for each account based on their expertise. We work with writers in almost every niche.

Account Management

Our account managers act as an extension of your marketing team, allowing you to scale your content efforts in a workflow that is simple and efficient. Communication is key to a successful content partnership, and our Managed Services offering provides a white-glove experience for your in-house team.

Topic Pitching

For some B2B and B2C businesses, generating topics is a challenge. Our writers can pitch topics for you based on their knowledge of your industry, the content’s intent, and what’s resonating with your audience. We also offer keyword research to find high-potential topics.

Blogs and Articles

Producing high-quality blogs and articles helps your business:

  • Drive traffic and improve web presence.
  • Maintain authority and deliver a consistent brand voice.
  • Keep your audience engaged, informed, and up-to-date.
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SEO Content

Examples of SEO content that we help businesses write include:

  • Landing pages.
  • Frequently asked question blurbs or FAQ content.
  • Local pages and local SEO content.
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White Papers and Case Studies

Turn your readers into buyers with:

  • In-depth white papers that provide actionable insights.
  • Case studies that show the value of your products.
  • Expert voices who speak to your brand and audience.
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Custom Content

Custom content for businesses might include:

  • Video scripts or podcast scripts.
  • Product pages and landing pages.
  • Specialized, bylined articles.
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ScriptSave experienced an improvement in consumer engagement and site traffic by leveraging authoritative content.

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Enterprise Services FAQs

How do B2B and B2C businesses work with ContentWriters?

There are two ways that B2B and B2C businesses can work with ContentWriters. The first is ContentWriters’ Self Service option. With Self Service, clients can order content types such as blogs, white papers, social media post bundles, and web articles directly through the ContentWriters platform. It’s free to sign up, but you’ll need to input a credit card to place any content orders.

The other option is Managed Services. With Managed Services, clients work directly with an account manager. That account manager is responsible for building your team of writers and editors, facilitating your workflow, and delivering content based on an agreed-upon delivery schedule. Under Managed Services, we can offer custom content types which are not offered under Self Service.

Managed Services starts at a minimum spend of $2,000 per month on content and SEO services. We will build a plan for you and your team based on your content or SEO needs. An additional management fee applies to our Managed Services agreements.

Create an account here to get started with Self Service, or fill out a contact request to discuss Managed Services here.

Does ContentWriters provide keyword research for B2B and B2C clients?

ContentWriters provides customized keyword-first and topic-first approaches to SEO research that complement our content writing services. Our team can research specific keywords and pitch article topics for you, or we can take topics from you and then research relevant keywords for article optimization. Reach out to our sales team here to get a quote for keyword research services.

How does ContentWriters select writers for my account?

ContentWriters works with a large network of US-based freelance writers, all with their own areas of expertise and experience. Some might be expert medical or fashion writers, while others are great product landing page writers or general web content writers.

When identifying the best writer for your account we will consider the industry, brand, tone and voice, content type, and audience. We’ll then match you with a writer or team of writers who will deliver on your quality standards.

Additionally, we will identify writers who are a good long-term fit for you. This will ensure consistent quality and fewer revisions over the course of our relationship.

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