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ContentWriters Saves Do it Best Hundreds of Hours on Article Writing

Each article would take our staff members hours to write, so the time saved is hundreds of hours per year.
- Ron Daniel, Online Marketing Manager, Do it Best

Executive Summary

Online marketing manager Ron Daniel had his hands full overseeing the marketing strategy, web design, customer service, and user experience for Do it Best and more than 700 affiliate websites.

He noticed that how-to articles garnered the highest click-through rates in the company’s email marketing campaigns, but he didn’t have the staff or bandwidth to generate the volume of content required for the results he wanted.

After engaging ContentWriters, Daniel was able to lighten the load for his team while increasing content output.

For Do it Best, ContentWriters:

  • Saves the in-house marketing team hundreds of hours per year.
  • Delivers accurate, engaging content on time and within budget.
  • Maintains the same high click-through-rate as in-house writers.
  • About

    Do it Best Corp is a 76-year-old, $5 billion hardware co-op headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Specializing in hardware, lumber, and building materials for residential projects, the company sells in both the B2B and B2C spaces and has more than 700 affiliate sites. The co-op, which is the second largest in the industry, serves thousands of member-owned locations throughout the U.S. and 50 countries across the world.

    The co-op, which is the second largest in the industry, serves thousands of member-owned locations throughout the U.S. and 50 countries across the world.


    Daniel and his marketing team regularly distribute marketing emails that require the highest quality content to drive clicks to the website and generate sales.

    Daniel knew that how-to and other informational articles generated the highest click-through rates of any content. But the in-house team did not have the time or bandwidth to produce the eight to 10 articles per month needed for their email campaigns.

    He needed to bolster his in-house staff with knowledgeable, capable writers that could generate content with minimal editorial direction, and without excessive editing or rewrite requests. He had a specific budget for outsourced content writing and needed an agency that could meet his budget and timelines.

    How CW Helped

    CW’s dedicated Content Success Manager receives a list of topics and keywords from Do it Best Corp. The Content Success Manager assigns the work to specialized writers who transform those ideas into informative how-to articles and engaging blog posts for the company’s website and email marketing newsletters.

    The Do it Best team receives a notification through CW’s proprietary CMS when the articles are completed. They can request revisions or provide feedback through the platform as necessary.

    However, Daniel noted that rewrites or changes “practically never” happen. The CW team delivers unique content aligned with their style and brand, saving the Do it Best team the time and stress related to producing content on a consistent basis.

    We get notifications when the articles are finished and can make comments or changes as necessary - which is practically never! I don't know what I would have done had ContentWriters not been there to pick up all of our slack.
    - Ron Daniel

    The Results

    The content produced by the CW team receives the same - or higher - click-through rates as the articles Do it Best used to produce in-house. The real benefit is in the time and cost savings realized by using an outsourced content agency. Each article would take Do it Best staff members hours to write, so Do it Best saves hundreds of hours per year by working with CW.

    ContentWriters offered the services we needed in the price range we were expecting.
    - Ron Daniel, Do it Best

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