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Our blog and article writing services feature:

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  • Topic pitching
  • Author bylines available
  • Easy-to-use content platform

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Blog and Article Writing Services

Businesses of all types need to create informative, high-quality blogs and articles that inform readers and improve search performance. Blogs and articles drive engagement and convert readers into buyers. Working with a blog and article writing service, rather than working directly with a writer or writers, allows businesses to scale their content at a much faster rate, save money and time internally, and work with trained subject matter experts.

ContentWriters' Blog and Article Writing Services Include:

Blog Content Creation and Execution

ContentWriters is a blog and article writing service that was built to give content managers, marketers, and SEO professionals an easy-to-use resource for specialized blog and article creation. With our network of expert writers, we write industry-specific blog content that drives traffic to your website and engages your audience.

Blog Content Scaling and Management

ContentWriters offers clients the ability to scale their blog and article content output with our Managed Services plans. Our account managers & platform make it easy for you to order blogs, review your content, request revisions, and accept and rate the work. Once a job is completed, you can easily download the article and publish it to your blog or website.

Blog Content Ideation and Planning

As a blog and content writing agency, ContentWriters can help clients with topic ideation and offers keyword research services as an optional add-on to support blogs and articles. Our SEO specialists research high-volume, low-competition keywords that relate to your business. Then we craft topics that target keyword clusters that your audience is searching.

Technical Blogs and Articles

Our technical blog and article writing helps businesses:

  • Dive deep into niche subject matter.
  • Provide an expert voice for your well-informed audiences.
  • Build trust for your brand and business.
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SEO-Focused Blogs and Articles

Our SEO optimized blogs and articles allow you to:

  • Write about the subjects that your customers are searching for.
  • Include important keywords that help drive traffic to your site.
  • Challenge the competitors in your industry for site traffic.
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Business Blogs and Articles

We help you Inform audiences and drive conversions by:

  • Including relevant calls-to-action (CTAs).
  • Explaining your key products and services.
  • Staying highly relevant and focused on your brand.
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Other Types of Blogs and Articles

Other types of blogs and articles that we write include:

  • Travel, lifestyle, fashion and food blogs and articles.
  • News-focused topical blogs and articles.
  • Your Money Your Life (YMYL) blogs and articles.
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ScriptSave experienced an improvement in consumer engagement and site traffic by leveraging authoritative content.

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Blog & Article Writing Services FAQs

What is ContentWriters' approach to blog and article writing?

ContentWriters is focused on creating quality, specialized blogs and articles. Search engines look for blogs and articles that satisfy E-E-A-T guidelines. To help our clients ensure their content is reliable and trustworthy, all of our blogs are written, edited, and proofread by expert writers and reviewers who are based in the US. All blogs are also scanned by plagiarism and AI detection software to ensure that each piece is unique and original.

Each blog and article is written in adherence with the content guidelines you provide when briefing us on your needs. In the ordering process, we’ll ask about your target audience, desired style and tone, and whether you want any keywords targeted in the piece. We’ll pass this info to our writers, who will use it to inform the content they create for you.

Our writers are trained in SEO best practices and our in-house team has extensive experience with digital and content marketing. We know that enhancing content with keywords where appropriate is important, but we never stuff in keywords just for search.

Why is blog writing important for SEO?

Having a great blog on your website is important for businesses for a number of reasons, including:

  • Having unique blogs on your website allows you to differentiate your business from competitors by building a strong brand voice
  • Blogs help your site rank for more search terms/keywords that your audience is searching for, and through those rankings, you can drive organic traffic to your site.
  • Blog writing helps you build authority and demonstrate expertise in your topic area, which helps Google's algorithms better understand and rank your site.
  • Writing blogs can increase backlinks. If you write engaging content that other sites link to, this strategy can improve your SEO.

Search engines are constantly evolving, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest changes and stay agile as a content marketing team. Not only that, but content such as blogs or articles can get outdated. Keeping your content up to date will help maintain trust between your brand and audience.

ContentWriters is the best resource for writing new, relevant blogs and providing refreshes to outdated blog content.

How can I engage with ContentWriters for SEO blog and article writing services?

If you are looking to scale your blog and article writing and need a high volume of content (i.e. more than 10 blogs or articles per month) we will work with your team under our Managed Services offering.

Your Content Success Specialist builds your team of writers, assigns work, manages deadlines, and ensures quality and consistency with your content over the duration of our relationship. Leveraging our proprietary content management platform, we will build a workflow to manage your assignments at scale.

Depending on your blog and article volume needs, Self Service is also an option. Create an account to get started with Self Service, or fill out our contact form and we will reach out to set up a meeting.

Does ContentWriters provide keyword research for clients to help them optimize blogs and articles?

We often work alongside marketing teams that handle SEO keyword research in house. Companies already working with SEO agencies will have those agencies provide us with the marketing and content strategy.

However, for companies that don’t conduct SEO keyword research for their articles and blogs in house or with a partner, we provide customized keyword-first and topic-first approaches that inform our content writing services. Our team can research specific keywords and pitch topics for articles for you, or we can take topics from you and then research relevant keywords. Reach out to our sales team here to get a quote for keyword research services.

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