The ContentWriters Team

Great content starts from within.

Emily O’Connor

Emily O’Connor


Emily is ContentWriters’ CEO, working with the CW team, writer network, valued clients and partners to continuously improve our unrivaled content marketing platform. A 200-hour certified yoga instructor, when not in the office you can typically find Emily on the yoga mat.

Francesco Montesanto

Francesco Montesanto

Director of Marketing

Francesco serves as the Director of Marketing for ContentWriters, focusing on inbound marketing, content creation, graphic design, digital, branding, CRM, UX, and paid search. When he’s not working, you can find him playing guitar at an inappropriate volume. Ask him about his favorite guitar pedal.


Alex Sirotovich

Director of Writers

As Director of Writers, Alex works with CW’s network of freelance writers and editors, providing editorial and project support. She manages writer recruitment, engagement, and the hand-selection of writers for accounts. You can find Alex wandering around a bookstore or park — or watching Parks and Rec for the 35th time.

Wes Broadway

Wes Broadway

Senior Developer

Wes is ContentWriters’ developer, in charge of projects which are powered by Python, Django, AngularJS, and Linux. He probably spends too much time on Reddit’s sysadmin sub. When he's not playing guitar, writing unit tests, or hanging with his herd of mini-Aussies, he's likely searching for pizza, sushi, and/or bacon.


Liz Weske

Director of Content Success

Liz is the Director of Content Success at ContentWriters, working with clients and writers to ensure the quality of every project. Liz enjoys curating ways to engage clients’ audiences with amazing content. When she’s not at her desk, she enjoys reading, true crime podcasts, and trying every single restaurant in Brooklyn.


Andrew Meisel

Manager, Sales Development

Andrew is ContentWriters's Sales Development Manager, where he focuses on lead generation, business development, outbound marketing, content creation, and analytics. Outside of the office, Andrew loves to play soccer downtown, get in on an occasional pickup basketball game, or paint in his “studio.”


Julia McRae

Manager, Content Success

As Content Success Manager, Julia works closely with writers and clients to ensure customer success. This role allows Julia to use her marketing and editorial skills collaboratively. In her free time, Julia can be found binge watching Netflix originals or listening to music far older than she is.