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How to Syndicate Content on Medium

If you’re a content marketer, you’ve likely already thought about syndication – or re-publishing your content on other websites. But syndication can tough. You might want to syndicate your content to grow your new brand or increase page views, but reputable websites are often willing to syndicate content only from well-established businesses. It’s a bit …


Marketing Takeaways from Disney Movies

Collectively, Disney movies have hauled in nearly $40 billion at the box office in the United States alone since the release of “Snow White” in 1937, and this doesn’t even include DVD sales and related promotional products. Of course, anybody who has children, or has fond memories of Disney movies seen during childhood, knows firsthand …

Writing Better

This Simple Tip Will Trick Your Brain into Writing Better

Writing boatloads of content, especially when you have various clients, can be hard to do when the ideas stop flowing. Tailoring content for different brands can seem impossible at times. As a writer, you have to capture the brand’s voice, target their audience, and provoke a sense of interest strong enough to compel the reader …


What’s Better Than a Listicle?

I considered calling this piece “Ten Reasons Not to Write List Articles,” but I didn’t. I didn’t write this type of article for several reasons: I want to make a real impression; I want this article to be something beyond a collection of trivial facts; I want to inspire a share or two via social …

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