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eveelife Launches Resource Center in Record Time

This resource is a disruptor, and a very valuable one for businesses.
- Laura Davis, Director

Executive Summary

As a new website focused on sustainable vehicles and green living, eveelife needed writers to produce high volumes of blog content. The green living content ContentWriters delivered in just two weeks would have taken an in-house team or group of freelancers at least three months to create.

Incorporating eveelife’s preferred topics, reference links, and brand guidelines, ContentWriters

  • Compressed the time to launch with a full scope of content
  • Produced clean blog posts, web articles, and custom content that required very few revisions
  • Emulated eveelife’s voice and brand values while showcasing a passion for green living
  • About

    eveelife is a new resource for eco-conscious folks. The website provides consumer information about electric vehicles (EV) and crosses over into the wider world of green living. With topics including which EV to buy, incentives, and charging capabilities, the site delivers all the information EV drivers and curious prospective buyers need to know. Plus, sections on conscious living and green products help readers live their best eco-friendly lives.


    Laura Davis, Director of eveelife, says the company hired ContentWriters to produce “massive amounts of category-specific blog content.”

    As a writer and former ad agency executive, Davis was initially skeptical of the decision to contract an agency to do this caliber of work. “It just didn’t seem plausible," she noted. "I thought I would be following up behind them, doing all kinds of catches and corrections to get the pieces to where we wanted them to be.”

    eveelife faced both a limited timeframe to create an entire site’s worth of content, and preconceived notions about the effectiveness of writers not intimately acquainted with a brand’s voice.

    How CW Helped

    Accustomed to cranking out high volumes of top-quality content in a short timeframe, the CW team produced its first round of deliverables in just two weeks, getting the site up and running in record time. “It would have taken us at least three months to do it on our own,” Davis said.

    To best emulate eveelife’s voice and brand values, CW’s Content Success Specialist worked closely with the client to hand-select and train writers, creating various content pieces such as blog posts, web articles, and book rewrites.

    The content pieces exceeded client expectations for quality and brand alignment. So much so that after the first round of blog posts was accepted on the first draft — without revisions — Davis allowed the writers to explore topics that inspired them within brand parameters.

    The Results

    “We created topics, reference links, and brand guidelines," Davis explains, "and they CRANKED OUT content for us so that we could get the site up and running!”

    As for meeting brand voice, the outcome could not have been better. “They nailed it,” Davis said. “And they continue to nail it. I’ve not made a single revision to a massive amount of blog pieces.”

    Davis added that, if she were to weigh whether to hire internally or work directly with freelancers in the future, it would be an easy choice to pick CW. “This resource is a disruptor, and a very valuable one for businesses.”

    The results went beyond expectations for the company. As Davis notes, “I just didn’t think that an outsourced group could ‘nail it’ with our content the way I could. Boy, was I wrong.”

    They nailed it, and they continue to nail it. I’ve not made a single revision to a massive amount of blog pieces.
    - Laura Davis

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