8 Reasons Why Content Marketing Brings Value To Your Business

8 Reasons Why Content Marketing Brings Value To Your Business

Content marketing is necessary for any modern brand. Audiences resist and mistrust traditional advertising. They have come to expect high-quality and engaging content from their favorite brands.

Content marketing is not new. Companies have created surveys, email and letter marketing campaigns, and white papers for decades. However, with the rise of online shopping and consumer’s increasing use of Google and other search engines for market research, content marketing is now more important than ever.

While content marketing can build consumer trust, strengthen SEO, and establish your brand as an authority in the field, bad content will not be effective. The quality of content you publish is crucial.

The best content promotes a consistent brand message and voice across every platform. It stays true to your brand at every customer touchpoint.

What is Content Marketing?

At its core, content marketing is a strategy to bring in new customers. It includes creating, publishing, and distributing information useful to your target audience.

Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing does more than tell customers your company is excellent at what it does. Through social media, blogs, videos, and other content, it demonstrates your authority and expertise. When this combination is done well, content marketing builds a consistent brand resonance across every platform.

Another advantage of investing in content over traditional marketing is that you own the content your in-house or outsourced team creates.

Here are eight ways quality content marketing provides value to your company’s reputation and bottom line.

1. Content Builds Customer Trust and Brand Reputation

Great content creates a positive experience for potential and current customers. One satisfying experience brings people back for more, building on the relationship and establishing trust with each visit.

Online content answers questions and overcomes common objections before a customer speaks with a salesperson. By giving value without asking anything immediately in return, your audience is more likely to see your advice and recommendations as credible.

Through online content, customers gain an understanding of your business. If they like how you present yourself, they are likely to align with your brand. When they are ready to buy, your company is already a trusted source at the front of their minds.

How to know what contents real value is

Try asking yourself the following questions. By incorporating your answers into the content you create, you'll be providing genuine value to your followers.

Who is my ideal audience?
- Who are you writing for?
- What do they do for a living?
- Where do they live?
- How old are they?

What are the questions or problems my customers are actively looking to resolve? What is their pain point?

What resources or information do I have easy access to that I can share with my followers and that will interest them? Provide actionable results.

Do you have a DIY hack for an otherwise expensive repair? Can you save your customer time? Money?

What type of content is trending right now in my industry? What can I add to this conversation or how can I develop a unique perspective?

What Are the Key Elements Of Good Content?

2. The Best Content Marketing Educates

The internet makes information widely available, so consumers are taking advantage of it. Eighty-one percent of shoppers do their research online before they buy. The best content marketing puts you in front of potential customers while they are actively preparing to make a purchase.

To educate your audience effectively through content, focus on the common questions and objections you face in your business. What problems is your target audience facing? What are the reasons most people seek the solutions you provide?

Quality educational content focuses on how your products and services solve problems and resolve common customer issues. It is an opportunity to show people exactly how you can make their lives easier.

3. Quality Content Drives Organic Traffic

Google changes its SEO algorithms several times a year, and it is difficult for even the largest companies to stay abreast of current requirements. However, most experts agree that throughout these changes, one strategy yields consistent results: quality content marketing.

To drive SEO using content requires consistency. It also demands an understanding of keyword strategy and consumer psychology. Experienced content writers avoid keyword stuffing. Instead, they carefully employ a keyword strategy that informs search engines what you are offering while simultaneously informing and educating your readers.

When a shopper types a keyword phrase into Google, the search engine’s goal is to bring the most relevant results possible. English is a tricky language because some words and phrases have multiple meanings. When you or your writers select a keyword phrase to target, it’s essential to match buyer intent with the sales process. Specifically, if a buyer wants to construct a fence around their property, they may enter:

“fencing supplies”

If the results bring up shopping options for the sport of fencing, like rapiers and protective clothing, then neither the buyer nor the sports supplier got what they wanted.

In addition to providing useful and relevant information, your customers will enjoy, quality content that uses targeted keyword phrases that unequivocally represent what you are offering.

Social Media

4. Content Fuels Social Media Engagement

Repurposing content is a powerful way to gain traction on social media. Your company can promote important links and quotes through your content, inviting readers to share on their social media platforms. By highlighting potent ideas or images inside the content, you improve readability and encourage sharing through Twitter or on Facebook.

As a platform, social media offers a direct line to consumers available through no other marketing channel. Between posts, comments, and engagement, your marketing team can establish a genuine relationship with your customer base. Direct feedback from real customers can be invaluable in developing and refining your marketing strategy.

All the powerful benefits offered by social media pivot on high quality and relevant content. Regular production of professional content creates opportunities for current customers to promote your business for you through social sharing.

5. Cost-Effective New Leads Find You

When compared to paid online advertising, content marketing is a cost-effective tool for lead generation. Though it produces less immediate results, content that ranks for relevant keyword phrases can bring in new customers for months and years.

Much of the sales process is providing information, overcoming objections, and building trust. The best content marketing does that for you- twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Moreover, content that ranks in search engine results enjoys over a 62 percent click-through rate while paid advertising only sees a three to four percent click-through rates.

While it is essential to provide value first and promote your products and services second, including a clear call-to-action (CTA) gives readers a way to follow through and engage with your company.

6. Content Improves Conversions

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. The driving force behind any marketing strategy is to bring in new customers to increase sales. For each dollar invested, content marketing generates about three times as many leads as traditional marketing.

Each time a customer interacts with your content, they get to know your company a little better. By freely providing the information customers need to make an educated purchasing decision, you influence conversions.

Have you ever decided to buy a specific product after reading a blog’s recommendations? If so, you are among 61 percent of American consumers. A well-written blog post pulls consumers into the sales funnel.

To optimize your content for conversions, the CTA tells the reader what they can do next. It gently but clearly guides them to the next step in the conversion process.

7. Content Displays Your Brand’s Expertise

Content displays your brand, your team, and your expertise. One reason content marketing works so well is the variety of channels it offers. You can answer the same question or address the same common customer problem through a blog, a video, a podcast, a whitepaper, an ebook, and more.

Learning is not a one-size-fits-all process. Even if a video is available, some people prefer to read. Others prefer a lecture or podcast. Having multiple channels for potential buyers to discover your products and company only stands to enhance your brand’s image and build your position as an industry expert.

8. Build Backlinks

In the world of SEO, backlinks represent ‘votes’ that other sites make on your content. Essentially, each time another trustworthy website shares a link to your content, your website gains credibility with the web crawlers.  

The best backlinks come from authority websites that already rank in search engine results.

When you cite an expert and provide a link to their website, that represents an outbound link on your site and a backlink for the expert. Backlinks take time to develop and tend to grow as your body of content expands. However, a few good backlinks from a high traffic site can grow your traffic exponentially.

Experts recommend using credible outbound links in your content. While outbound links do not influence SEO as powerfully as backlinks, they do make a difference.

Content Marketing is a Win-Win Marketing Strategy

Quality content marketing builds customer awareness, drives leads, and increases conversions. In an increasingly digital world, content has become a marketing strategy cornerstone.

While there will always be strategies that spike returns in the short-term, content marketing positions your business for long-term success.

At Contentwriters.com, we offer both self-service and managed options. Both plans come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Our writers specialize by industry, so you get quality writing from someone who knows your business and customers.

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