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Three Ways to Use Content to Become Your Industry’s Go-To Resource

When it comes to building authority, it feels like every time you turn around someone is claiming to be an expert. That can make it tough to stand out as a real go-to resource.

So how do you set your brand apart from the competition and establish your reputation as an industry leader? By using compelling content!

Great content can position you in front and help establish your position as the only go-to resource worth seeking out. And we have three ways to help you get started.

Write With Authority

Think back to when you learned to drive. Remember when the instructor told you to focus on where you wanted the car to go, especially if you lost control of the vehicle—because “your car goes where your eyes go.”

Running a business isn’t that much different. Where you focus your mind is where your business will take you.

If you think of yourself as a follower, your content will reflect that and you’ll probably always be one. But when you think like a leader, you’ll write like an industry leader, and you’ll find it’s easier to step out in front of others with confidence.

Developing your reputation as an industry leader and go-to resource means taking control of the way you do business. It means inspiring others to follow where you lead.

Become a Go-To Resource by Providing Actionable Takeaways

If you want to be your industry’s go-to resource you need to become a source they trust; someone they can turn to in times of difficulty. And that means ensuring you have content available that provides real, actionable value.

Forget about making the sale for a moment. Becoming a go-to resource is all about educating your audience and cultivating a long-term relationship; one where they view you as the only reliable source to help solve their problems.

By focusing on meeting customers’ needs instead, you’ll have them returning to your content for information, suggestions, and insight.


Whether you’re creating Youtube videos, posting articles on your website, guest blogging for other industry leaders, or putting out a newsletter every month, you can strengthen your authority while fostering a community of like-minded people who believe in the power of your brand with subscriptions.

Everyone enjoys feeling special. Subscriptions can help customers capture that feeling by offering something elite; something not everyone else can get their hands on.

Offering exclusive proprietary information helps develop your brand’s reputation as an authority. Especially when that information helps solves a problem.


Building momentum requires a consistent—and relevant —content creation strategy.

No one is going to bookmark a blog that is only updated whenever the source feels like it. The best brands are consistent with their messaging offering new content on a regular basis.

The relevance of the content is also critical to developing your position of authority. You won’t attract new visitors with outdated pages or posts reminiscing about Y2K glitches.

By consistently creating and distributing high-quality, relatable content you’ll be building a community that trusts your insights, opinions, and recommendations. In other words, you’ll be positioning yourself at your industry’s go-to resource.

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