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5 Steps to Restaurant Content Marketing Success

With an increasing number of restaurants using both social media and blogs to attract customers, it’s important to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Here are five suggestions.

Feature Community Events

Those who live in your town are always looking for new things to do and ways to get involved with the community. By featuring community events as part of your content marketing strategy, you’re targeting a different audience than when you curate recipes or share drool-worthy photos of your dishes. We know your food is your pride and joy, but if you want to reach more people, you have to extend your reach. When you incorporate community events in your marketing strategy, you’re no longer speaking to the foodie alone. You’re reaching out to people of all demographics who are eager to become part of the community in a hands-on way. Additionally, showing that you care about your community beyond what you offer in great food presents your restaurant in a positive light.

Shine a Spotlight on Your Employees

Your regular customers see your employees’ smiling faces each time they come in for a bite to eat. Show your patrons the lives behind the servers, hosts, and chefs. This will bring personality to your content marketing and make sure your customers feel like they’re a part of the community and culture that you’ve cultivated inside your four walls.

An employee spotlight will also show your employees that they are valued. It could even provide incentive for them to try their best. It’s sort of like an employee-of-the-month award with even greater benefits: they can share the blog post with friends, family, or even future potential employers as a unique letter of recommendation.

Acknowledge Regular Customers

Another exciting way to get readers excited about your blog is to feature them in it. If you have customers who continuously support your restaurant, thank them by featuring them in a post and treat them to their favorite dish. Have a photographer snap a picture of the person with that delicious plate of food in front of him, interview him, and find out more about what they do and what keeps them coming back. This is a surefire way to make customers feel special and will inspire them to continue to spread the word about your restaurant.

Curate and Share Recipes

They don’t have to be your recipes, but share some recipes to get your audience hungry for more.

Feature Your Ingredients

If you add a new spinach salad to your menu, write a post that details spinach’s many health benefits. Such information is valuable to anyone — even those who aren’t a fan of your restaurant (as much as that hurts to admit) or people who don’t live within the area that your restaurant serves. At the end of your post, feature your new spinach salad special, so your readers know where they should go for lunch that day.

There are a lot more ideas where these came from. If you’re ready to get started with content marketing for your restaurant, contact the experts at Content Writers. We’ll help you create custom content tailored to your goals.

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