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In the modern digital world, people have become accustomed to making purchases — big and small — without having used or touched a product before clicking the buy button. As a result, customers are heavily reliant on product descriptions.

Product descriptions are not only a fundamental element in a marketing strategy focused on creating conversions — they can also be used for SEO.

Not many customers will access your eCommerce shop via direct visit. Most of them will be directed to your product pages via search engines. By creating SEO-rich product descriptions, you’ll have product pages that drive traffic while also creating sales.

On the consumer side of the equation, the need for quality product descriptions is pretty straight forward. As it turns out, 87% of consumers rate product content as extremely important when deciding to make a purchase.

Case in point:

Overstock.com increased traffic by 84% after a month by optimizing product descriptions on their top performing 10% of pages.

All of that said, product descriptions don't have to be over-the-top. They can be very effective as simple, accurate descriptions of your products.

When writing your product descriptions, there is a lot of room to share your brand's unique voice: the descriptions can be serious or witty, long or short.

The bottom line is that you need to provide the necessary information to move buyers from thinking it's a product they might like to knowing it's a product they want — now.

Let’s dig into how to write product descriptions that drive eCommerce traffic:

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