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Imagine you talk to a small business owner at a local event. They mention what their
company does and you’re interested in learning more. You ask for a business card and
they tell you they don’t have any yet. You still want to give this business a chance, so
you take out a pen and paper to write down its website address only to be told by the
business owner that they don’t have a website. You’d likely thank them for their time
and move on since you perceive this business is either not yet fully established or
would be difficult to trust with your time.

Instead, if the business owner in the same scenario handed you a professional-
looking business card with a phone number and a website address, along with
brochures that answered common questions, and a product catalog, the interaction
would come across differently. There’s a better chance you’d make a purchase with
this business. It’s a business that clearly deals with customers on a regular basis,
has the profits to invest in its marketing materials, and is likely vetted by other
customers. Essentially, having professional marketing documents to give to you
changed your perception about the business and helped you to develop trust.

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