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What Is a Ghostwriter? Misconceptions You Must Know About

Many people have misconceptions about what is a ghostwriter. Understanding those misconceptions can help you decide if it’s the writer for you.

What Is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter writes for you. You tell the ghostwriter what you want written, and he uses his professional writing skills to write it well. Usually, you review the content writing as the writer works on it, so you know he is on the right path.

Voice and Style

Some people believe that when they use a ghostwriter they will not be able to have the article, book, or other piece of content written in the style that they want. This is not true. You can have the content written in the style and voice you desire. Sometimes, people will need to work with many different ghostwriters before they settle on one because not everyone can mimic the voice and style desired. This is okay; it’s the process of working with ghostwriters.

Working with a Ghostwriter

Some people believe it’s just too much trouble working with ghostwriters, but it’s not once you find one that can write the way you want your content to be written. The work you do at first will serve you well later because all you will need to do is provide a bit of direction to get the content where you want it.


The prestige of the content is another concern for many. What you must know is that when content is written by a ghostwriter, it becomes yours. It is yours just as much as it would have been if you had written it. You own the copyrights for it. You can do whatever you want with it. It is yours.

You do not have to tell anyone that you had a ghostwriter write it. That’s your business. Telling people you wrote it is perfectly okay.

How Many Ghostwriters You Need

People also believe that they need a different ghostwriter for each piece of content they want written. That is not true. You can use the same ghostwriter for as long as you would like, and for as many pieces of content you want.

There are benefits to using the same ghostwriter for more than one piece. You will have consistency in voice and style. You will also not have to provide as much direction. It may be much easier to work with the person since you already established a relationship with him.

Just as some people believe you must use a different ghostwriter for each piece of content, other people think they need to use the same one. You don’t have to use the same one. You may want a different style or voice because it would suit a different audience better. It depends on what you want and need for each piece of content.

Keep in mind that many professional ghostwriters have the ability to change their voice and style. You may want to speak to the ghostwriter you end up with before switching to another one.

Contact Us for a Ghostwriter

Now that you know what is a ghostwriter, contact us to find one. We have many ghostwriters available right now to help you with your content. We can match you up with one that has experience in the industry of your choosing and has written for people just like you who are looking for some to write for them.

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