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The Value of Writing Services Without AI (But With Heart)

I am not a robot.

Do I really have to say that? Maybe I do. After all, the writing landscape has changed. There are fewer and fewer writing services without AI on the roster. So many that will give your organization and your writing assignments all of the care and attention that artificial intelligence can provide.

Or at least get the facts right…most of the time. But your robot writer comes cheap. Maybe free. So there’s a lot to be said for AI. ContentWriters and many others have done the surveys that show the growing popularity of AI for content marketing writing.

What that growing market of AI is missing is the critical importance of actual, well, writers. The humankind, who can still do certain things better – a lot better – than AI.

The EEAT Difference & Writing Services Without AI

EEAT is a good place to start. It stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

To support EEAT, it’s a good idea to work with writers who have a background or experience in your industry. These writers will tackle your topics with confidence and authority and will help your company come across as a credible and informative thought leader on that issue.

It ain’t easy, folks, but good human writers know and believe in what they’re writing about. Robots generally inhale the internet and…regurgitate.

Put another way, the human writer thinks about your business and your audience before putting a word on the screen. They understand your marketing strategy and content goals and how those should drive what they communicate. AI writing can’t take the human perspective because humanity is above their pay grade.

Not to say that AI isn’t a skillful writer. And why not? It can essentially read the entire internet before I can write this sentence. Then, once it gets going, AI’s output is at least as good as a professionally written instruction manual.

The thing is, no one reads instruction manuals unless they have to. And even then, only if they’ve tried everything else first.

Which gets us to the second major difference.

Good Human Writing Has Heart

The heart is a lot of things, most of which must be felt rather than explained. But it includes empathy and irony, wit and passion, and color. And a sense of pace and storytelling.

AI can explain how whole life insurance works. It can define buzzwords like beneficiary, policyholder, premium, and death benefit. It can read actuarial tables and tell you how long you’re likely to live if you’re an American male or female. It knows that industry experts believe the face value of your policy should be ten times your annual salary.

That’s a lot of good, useful information. But what AI doesn’t know – can’t possibly know – is how hard a loving parent will work for the long-term financial well-being of their children. It can’t even guess the fears going through a working parent’s mind at the thought of dying young and leaving a surviving spouse struggling to put food on the table and kids through school on one insufficient income.

AI can’t imagine an older parent holding their first grandchild and thinking about the legacy they’ll leave, and how they’ll see that the next generation is better off than their own.

It’s storytelling, what humans can do, is what we’ve done since crude scrawlings on the walls of caves. A good content writer does it well. AI…doesn’t.

Not a Robot To Be Found

In this day and age, it’s challenging to find writing services without AI. However, AI is not on the guest list or the writer roster at ContentWriters. The ContentWriters team knows AI can write information…but it can’t write with heart, depth, and unique insight. Only highly skilled human writers have that talent.

In fact, AI can’t always even get the facts right. Or tell the story you want to be told. That’s why your job isn’t done when you hit the button and let your robot spit out 1,500 words. Are those the right words? Are there factual errors, fluff content of low value to readers or search engine algorithms, or formulaic writing that leaves no impression whatsoever?

While you won’t find AI at ContentWriters, you can rest assured that there are policies in place to help the team maintain its focus on human-centric writing. That includes AI detection software to make sure that every word is written by someone with a beating heart. By someone who can get the facts on the screen, but do it with human wit, irony, empathy, color, and storytelling skills.

Hire Writing Services Without AI, WITH Human Storytellers

Are you looking for a roster of talented and highly experienced US-based human writers? Writers who understand marketing strategy and can add wit, irony, empathy, color, and storytelling skills to the basic facts?

If you’d like to change your AI writing to human – or avoid that trend altogether – get in touch to discuss how ContentWriters can help you meet your company’s marketing goals.

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