How to Create a Captivating Social Media Campaign for Facebook

Utilizing Facebook can be a relatively inexpensive and effective way for businesses to reach new and existing customers, advertise upcoming promotions, and collect reviews. However, using Facebook to successfully market your company’s products and services requires a huge learning curve. As a result, many business owners waste time and money on social media campaigns that …

combining social media and crm

How to Combine Social Media and CRM

Even the greatest businesses are only as great as their customers. That is why you should always be improving your customer relationship management, or CRM. Many businesses underestimate how social media can take their CRM to the next level. In fact, there are several key benefits to integrating social media and CRM. Why rely on …


Boosting Posts vs. Creating a Facebook Ad: Which Generates Better Results?

Since Facebook has become a “pay to play” environment for brands, it’s difficult to escape the need for promoted posts and creating a Facebook ad (or two) for your marketing campaign. However, when faced with the choice between boosting a post from your feed or using Facebook advertising, which generates better results for business owners? …

social media customer complaints

Handling the Haters: Embracing Social Media Customer Complaints

Customer dissatisfaction is an eternal issue for brands. One big difference between today’s unhappy customer and yesteryear’s is the advent of social media. Social media gives customers the ability to voice their dissatisfaction publicly and globally. So while social media exposure and praise have the ability to help brands soar to great heights, social media …

skip social media

Should You Skip Social Media?

With today’s technological and online marketing advances, businesses are feeling the pressure to be active on social media more than ever. But before you sign up for every social media platform out there, you need to determine if social media marketing is right for your business. You may be shocked to hear that some businesses …

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