volkswagen recovery

How Content Marketing Fueled the Volkswagen Recovery after Dieselgate

Just over a year ago, the EPA blew the lid wide open on the Volkswagen scandal when they discovered that the German automaker was programming diesel engines to alter auto emissions when being tested. Once the story broke, the consequences were far-reaching. 11 million vehicles were recalled, VW’s reputation was tarnished, their sales plummeted, and …

Increase Website Traffic

5 Ways Content Marketing is used to Increase Website Traffic

You’ve set your website up to convert with strategic design, enticing information about your products and services, contact forms, multiple ways to reach you, and free content offers to encourage visitors to provide contact information. There’s just one problem: Without advertising or content marketing, your website is like a wonderful little store that no one …

evergreen content

Evergreen Content: The Investment that Keeps On Giving

As you probably know, there are multiple types of content you can incorporate into your content marketing plan. Between trending topics, lifestyle blogs, and promotional posts, there’s plenty of content to go around. But there’s one type of content that reigns supreme in the world of marketing: evergreen content. What is evergreen content? What do …

Content Marketing

4 Outdated Content Marketing Practices You Need to Avoid

Content marketing isn’t a new form of marketing, but it certainly has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Businesses and brands of all types are embracing content marketing and running with it. This often leads to uninformed businesses attempting to create, distribute, and leverage content — without having any background or experience in …

Content Marketing

Leverage These Content Marketing Trends Before the Year is Over

Content marketing trends change every year. With new technology introduced, new user demands and the latest social media advancements, marketers need to adapt to the trends in order to make the most out of their yearly budget. 2016 is more than half over and we’ve already seen some exceptional trends so far this year. Will …


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