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How to Write the Perfect Product Feature for Amazon Products

Once you have discovered the best product(s) for you to sell through Amazon, it’s time to create the perfect product feature for it. By following a few simple rules, the product description will make selling it much easier. The key is to know what works and what doesn’t work.

Selling through Amazon is an effective way to reach customers and grow your business. Amazon can reach people around the world and give you the infrastructure to do the same. Selling through Amazon, including through their affiliate marketing program, is a $12 billion global business that you can own a share of for yourself.  

While people are focusing on the right products to sell, many don’t realize the key to selling them effectively. The right description attracts customers by using specific key points and providing the right information. If you sell products on Amazon, here is how to write the perfect product feature for Amazon products.

Be Detailed

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Be detailed in your Amazon product descriptions. Many prospective customers are already a bit wary about buying products online without seeing them first. Your product descriptions are the best way to quell these fears and turn leads into paying customers.

In your description, provide specific details about each product. Focus on the key points like its size, its uses, and what it is made of, to name a few points. If you can provide the answers to the questions that your customers have, they are more likely to buy your products.

Have Perfect Grammar

Bad grammar can undermine your product and make it seem like you don’t care about it enough to present it properly. Besides, bad grammar doesn’t reflect well on your ability to operate a business.

In writing, it is important to have perfect grammar. Most businesses focus heavily on presenting their products in the best way possible. You need to do the same with your product descriptions. Before putting your product descriptions online, review them first. Microsoft Word (and most other word processors) have spell check and grammar check features. You can also get a program like Grammarly that works in web pages and will help you do a thorough check of your work.

After you run your content through a spelling and grammar checker, read it out loud. It is an old trick that English teachers use to help students catch errors, and you should use it every time. Your mind won’t be able to skip over basic errors that can get through grammar checkers. Plus, you will be able to hear the entire description from a different point of view and then determine if it will have a positive response on your potential customers.

Focus on the Benefits to Customers

Make your product descriptions focus on the benefits to customers. Customers want to know how your product will solve a problem that they have. Describe the features of the product, different ways that it is used, and it can solve a range of problems so that customers can see how it could be useful to them.

Your description should also include a list of specs (specifications). This lets customers understand specific details that are difficult to see in pictures. Some of the most common specs are:

  • Sizes (clothing)/ size (dimensions)
  • Color and design options
  • Weight
  • Construction materials
  • Primary use (what it is specifically made for)

The specs list is one of the first places that customers look to find out specific information about a product. Make your list short, clear, and to the point so that customers can quickly determine if your product works for them or not.

Bullet Points List Requirements

Amazon has specific rules for the bullet points in descriptions. Essentially, the bullet points list must not include obscene information, contact information, availability information, links to other sellers, and unwanted information like content spoilers for media. The list has to focus on the specific information relevant to the product and helping customers understand what it is. Anything else included may have your lists and/or product(s) blocked by Amazon.

Benefits vs. Features

When creating the product description, it is important to distinguish between benefits and features. Benefits focus on how the product can help the customer, while features focus on specific information about the product. While it is important to have clear and accurate features listed, it is more important to focus on the benefits. Customers are looking for solutions to problems, and products sell better when it is easy to tell how the benefits line up with customers’ needs.

Insert High-Quality Photographs

The photos of your product are the main element that customers look for on Amazon. So, be sure to use high-quality photographs. Bad photos often turn customers away since they don’t accurately represent the quality of your product. Alternatively, a good picture lets your customers investigate your product before they read anything about it.

Another technique is to show pictures of your product from different angles. The perspective in pictures can be misleading and make customers think that your product is drastically different from what it is. For example, pictures have a difficult time showing sizes unless there is a reference item or scale in the picture.

Also, show different pictures of your product that show it being used in different situations. For example, you can have a picture frame sitting on a table and hanging on a wall, with a view from the front and a view from the side. These four images show the different methods of mounting the frame, as well as its relative dimensions from different angles. Customers will be able to see how it can fit into their lives, which makes the decision to buy one much easier.

Mention Rating or Top Seller Status

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An overlooked, but highly useful feature on Amazon is the Top Seller Status. If you have achieved Top Seller Status, that means you have made many successful sales and are highly reviewed by customers. When it comes to online sales, it can be difficult to identify trustworthy sellers. Take advantage of your Top Seller Status by using it as an advertising point. It helps customers alleviate some of their fears about buying online, which is a major objection to making purchases through Amazon.

Alternatively, you can also use your product ratings to reassure customers. Highly-rated products tend to sell better than unrated or badly-rated products. This is especially true when products have a lot of ratings and reviews that are above four stars. If your product is highly-rated, take advantage of that to sell more of it.

To do this, mention your Top Seller Status and high product ratings in your description, either in the main description or in the features list. The features list is a good option because many customers skim through everything else when trying to determine if a product is a good choice. You can catch their attention with two points that make you stand out from the other sellers.

Be Knowledgeable About Similar Product Descriptions

If you want to be successful at selling products through Amazon, then you need to know what other successful and unsuccessful sellers are doing. Research your competitors to become knowledgeable about similar product descriptions. The best way to do this is to use Amazon’s top sellers tool.

On Amazon’s website, you can search for the top-selling products. It also lets you narrow it down by categories so you can see which products sell the best. Start with these product descriptions to see what the best-sellers are using for your category. While it may not be the exact same product you sell, knowing what works best in the category gives you a big advantage.

Another strategy is to search for your product from other sellers. Then, just check their reviews and ratings. If you find a product that has more high-quality reviews than your product, study the description to see what the difference is in the reviews. Also, check those reviews to see what customers complain about and look for ways that your description can resolve their complaints. 

Mention Return Information or Guarantee

A big part of the fear of ordering things online is that customers won’t be able to return it. Put your return and guarantee information upfront so that it is easy to resolve this concern for your customers early. They will be less nervous about ordering earlier in the buying process. This will make it much easier to convince someone to buy your products.

It is important that you make statements about your return policies and guarantees accurate and clear. Once you put them out there, you need to stick by them so that you don’t lose customers and fall in the ratings. Having a typo that says you accept returns up to 300 days when you meant to put 30 days can be a major headache for you if a customer tries to use that policy.

Detailed Seller Information and History

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When you start to sell things on Amazon, you have to choose what form that your business will operate under. If you are just an individual seller that’s selling niche things, you may not have to open a business account. However, most sellers create business accounts and register vital information with Amazon. You can take advantage of this by using a business account to give your products and profile more credibility.

By starting a business account with Amazon, you will have a storefront page. On that page, customers can find detailed seller information and history. Use this in your product descriptions to give your profile credibility. Link to it to the description so that your customers can find detailed information about your selling history as well as other pieces of information that make you seem like a real and trustworthy seller.

Selling through Amazon can be a lucrative process as long as you put the effort in to make your product descriptions work. Well-refined descriptions are the key to selling products. Use these tips to help get your Amazon store off the ground and running smoothly.

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