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How to Check Your Content for Plagiarism

New writers and even writers who have been writing for years will sometimes plagiarize. Some of them will get lazy, while others will have no idea they are doing it. That’s why it’s important that everyone checks content for plagiarism before sending it to its final destination.

The Best Way to Check Your Content for Plagiarism

When you’re writing, make sure you aren’t copying another website. Don’t use the same sentences or even terms unless they are general ones or names. You will have a better idea of what you should or shouldn’t do as you write and check your content with a plagiarism checker.


Copyscape is the best plagiarism checker. It is easy to use and it doesn’t cost much. You can get 200 checks for $10. It’s worth the cost when you think that you could be sued if you are caught plagiarizing.

Once you’ve bought some credits, copy and paste the text into the box on Copyscape. You can then press the button to have it checked.

The best scenario is to see a message that says there are no results. That means the tool has not found any websites that have the text you’ve included in your content.

You run into problems when you see websites listed. Don’t get too worried about it though, you’ll need to check them first. Many times, Copyscape will list websites that have a lot of the same words you used, but it’s not related to the topic of your article. That’s just a coincidence, and it’s okay, as long as it’s not too many. Most people go by the 2% rule. If it’s not copied more than 2%, it passes.

If the websites that come up have a high percentage of copied words, you’re going to have to edit your work. Find the text that is highlighted in Copyscape’s listed websites and rewrite them. Once you’ve done that for all of the copied text that comes up, copy and paste the edited article back into the plagiarism checking tool. You’ll have to use another credit to check it again. This time you should see no results or results less than 2%.

There are many other plagiarism checkers out there today. Not all of them are as good as Copyscape. They might miss websites or they may find websites that don’t have the same text as you have in your article. It can be frustrating to work with these other plagiarism checkers when this occurs. Don’t turn away from these tools just because they aren’t helping you. Find another one and give it a try.

Content Writers Uses Copyscape

Content Writers uses Copyscape to check all articles. We encourage our writers to use Copyscape or another plagiarism tool to check their content before submitting it. That way we have two checks to make sure the content we deliver is free from plagiarism. We want our clients to have original, high quality content. The only way to do that is to have professional writers who have creative minds and writing talent. That’s why we choose our writers carefully, and will always strive to provide the very best in content. courtesy of Stuart Miles from

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