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In 2017, was named the 79th fastest growing private company by Inc. Magazine. ContentWriters helped obtain this growth without employing a single full-time writer on staff.
- Aaron Rosenthal, Director of Marketing,

The Mission provides tax preparation software to assist in filing both federal and state taxes. They are just one of many services that provide tax filing software and the industry is very crowded. They must compete with dozens of other brands offering a very similar service as what they provide.

The Process decided to employ content marketing as one of their primary marketing solutions in order to gain an edge over many of their competitors.

By using ContentWriters, they were able to seamlessly integrate new content without hiring a full-time writer. All they had to do was review a list of topics sent over to them by their account manager and select their favorites.

From there, within 10 days, would receive content that they could then use to supplement website pages, add new pages to their site, and support their CRM marketing efforts with targeted and incisive blog posts.

The Result

In 2017, Inc Magazine named the 79th fastest growing private company. Over a stretch of two years,’s growth has increased more than three-fold. was able to sustain their position as an authoritative company in the tax industry by leveraging smart content marketing.

Very few industries require the level of trust that is needed for a company to resonate with their customers like the tax industry.’s substantial growth is a testament to the trust that is built with content marketing.

ContentWriters helped obtain this growth without employing a single full-time writer on staff.
- Aaron Rosenthal

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