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ContentWriters Drives Engagement with Technical, Yet Accessible, Content for PGi

ROI matters greatly. Our blogs provide quality, easy-to-consume content, and through our efforts across social media, the sum of all parts helps drive interested visitors to our site.
- Sonya Towler, Senior Director of Marketing, PGi

Executive Summary

It’s not easy to write compelling technical content. Over the years, global webcast solutions provider PGi has worked with a mix of freelance writers, digital marketing agencies, and in-house talent. But the results weren’t always what the PGi marketing team hoped for. It was often too complex, too dull, or just didn’t garner the results they expected.

The PGi marketing team, including Sonya Towler, Senior Director of Marketing, and Jamison Bell, Head of eCommerce and Digital Strategy, found the engaging content they needed by working with ContentWriters.

Blog posts and other assets created by the CW team:

  • Increase web traffic to the site
  • Increase reader engagement on the blog and social media
  • Free up time for PGi’s internal marketing and writing teams
  • About

    PGi is the provider of GlobalMeet Webcast, a leading platform for streaming, virtual events, online meetings, and global workforce collaboration.

    As a leader in web conferencing, the company provides businesses with secure and reliable enterprise-level technology to inspire and connect audiences worldwide, enabling the future of work.


    Struggling with website traffic and lead generation, the PGi marketing team sought writers who could distill complex topics into user-friendly terms that clearly showcased the benefits of GlobalMeet Webcast. They wanted to engage with the target audience and inform readers as they moved leads down the sales funnel with their content.

    PGi needed a single company that could provide consistent content in a timely manner, freeing up internal resources to focus on content strategy and other tasks. The team was also searching for talented copywriters who could create everything from web pages to press releases.

    How CW Helped

    By working with experienced writers who have decades of experience covering the audiovisual and videoconferencing industries, CW delivered exactly what PGi expected: engaging content that was easy to consume.

    Having a steady stream of timely, relevant, and well-researched blog posts from CW allowed the marketing team to focus on strategy, social media, and new campaigns.

    The Results

    The PGi team has seen a return on their investment in ContentWriters' Managed Services and experienced technical writers. Noting that the CW team familiarized themselves with PGi’s solutions quickly, Towler and Bell said they have generated increases in web traffic and other metrics on Google Analytics.

    ContentWriters was able to familiarize themselves with our solutions pretty quickly and knock out high quality, well-researched, [and] engaging blog content
    - Jamison Bell, Head of eCommerce and Digital Strategy

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