benefits of outsourcing content writing

The Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation

About 75% of businesses outsource content marketing, and it’s easy to see why. By partnering with a qualified outsourcing provider, you can produce more effective content and scale your output — without putting as much extra strain on your internal resources. Get on the road to a better content strategy by exploring why you should outsource content creation and learning how to get started.

Accessing Content Experts

In order for your content to genuinely connect with your audience, you need a blend of technical content writing knowledge and subject matter expertise. When you work with a third-party content writing service, you can ensure that you’re producing professional, shareable content that upholds a consistent brand voice and promotes your business.

The content experts at your outsourcing provider will understand the nuances of effective writing, from determining the right tone and reading level for your target audience to incorporating catchy calls to action (CTAs) into your content. They’ll be able to thoroughly research any subject in your niche, and then use their writing skills to communicate that information to your customers in an accessible, engaging way.

When you work with the right agency, they’ll set you up with writers who also have subject matter expertise. You’ll have access to experts more flexibly and cost-effectively through your content writing service than if you hired a team of writers in-house.

Saving Time With Streamlined Content Processes

Content creation can be a time-consuming process, from keyword research to outlining to editing. In fact, 37 percent of marketers said that time was their biggest obstacle to creating effective content. When you outsource content creation, you can rely on your provider to handle much of that process on your behalf.

Professional content writers and agencies often have streamlined systems in place to produce large amounts of content according to a tight production schedule, so you won’t have to worry about delays impacting your company’s content calendar. You can collaborate with your account manager to establish content guidelines and deadlines and to onboard your external writers, then simply watch the content come in, ready for your review.

By working with a content writing service that offers dedicated account management and an efficient platform, you’ll be able to free up valuable time for your in-house marketing team. Instead of spending hours researching and writing content, they can focus on other projects to expand your reach and grow your business.

Increasing Scalability Through a Trained Content Team

Even if you have talented internal writers to help power your content strategy, there are only so many hours in a day that your team can spend researching topics and writing blogs. By outsourcing, you can rapidly scale your content strategy without needing to expand your internal team. Writing services will be able to connect you with as many talented writers as you need to fulfill your content goals according to your schedule.

Along with simply increasing the volume of content you can produce, outsourcing can help you create a wider breadth of content. You can expand from social posts to emails to e-books and beyond by leveraging different writing services from your outsourcing provider.

Leveraging Diverse Perspectives

Your internal team members have valuable insight into your products and services, but they may not be able to express that information in a way that resonates with your target audience. When outsourcing, you can hire writers from various backgrounds and leverage their distinct voices and expertise to improve your content.

You’ll be able to ensure that each piece of content you produce serves its purpose and achieves specific goals for your brand. Whether you want to uplift distinct voices for a certain post or are simply seeking content that’s broadly accessible to a wide audience, your outsourcing provider can connect you with the right solution.

Decreasing Overhead Costs

Building an internal content team is a costly endeavor that involves paying for salaries, office space, onboarding costs, and more. When you work with a third-party provider, you can forego all of these fixed expenses. You’ll be able to build their services into your budget, allowing you to achieve your content goals at a fraction of the cost.

Whenever you want to increase content production or explore new formats, you can tap into the writing infrastructure that your provider already has in place. As a result, you can grow your content strategy at any point without having to make a large upfront investment in staffing and writing tools.

Bring Outside Expertise to Your Content Campaigns

Content marketing requires a special type of expertise and extensive knowledge of best practices. Not every marketing professional has that expertise, and most writers don’t. Some key areas of necessary expertise include:

The ability to make complex, dry, or technical information understandable and engaging

The ability to write the right tone, voice, and reading level for the target audience

A knowledge of how website visitors read and process information

An understanding of how to use subheadings and other SEO tools

The ability to weave subtle calls to action into useful, interesting content

An aptitude for naturally incorporating keywords and phrases into content

How to Outsource Content Creation

Effective content outsourcing starts with choosing the right provider. Depending on your content goals, you can work with individual freelancers, a larger marketing agency, or a specialized writing service.

Hiring Individual Freelancers

When working with freelance writers, you can hand-pick the people you want to write your content based on their writing styles and experience. You’ll be able to build close professional relationships with each writer and deliver direct feedback to get the results you want. However, you will have to put in the effort to hire writers for your company one by one, and then manage them yourself. Each freelancer may have limited availability, and you’ll have to find replacement writers if they ever decide to leave your project.

Working With a Marketing Agency

Many marketing agencies offer content creation as part of their services. Choosing a large agency can give you access to other services alongside content creation, allowing you to handle all of your marketing needs in one place. They typically have writing resources in place, so there’s flexibility when it comes to content volume and writing deadlines.

However, these all-in-one services are often less specialized than other options, and you may not be able to choose the kinds of writers you want to produce your content. Additionally, large agencies may charge a premium for their services, which can quickly become costly.

Collaborating With a Writing Service

Writing agencies strike a balance between the specialization of freelancers and the resources of a marketing agency. You can quickly scale your content with a team of knowledgeable writers who have different specializations.

The writing agency will act as an intermediary between you and their writers, so you won’t need to individually manage each writer. Because these companies often have their own platforms and include account management services, they can be more expensive than hiring a freelancer directly.

Dedicated writing services are typically more cost-effective than full-scale marketing agencies, and the writing is more specialized. They can be a great fit for companies that handle branding, paid search, and other marketing activities in-house or with a specialized agency, and just need writing support.

Ready to Get Started With a Content Writing Service?

If you’re interested in leveling up your content, it’s time to introduce specialized, scalable outsourcing by hiring a content writing service. Working with a writing agency will help you generate consistent, compelling content without shifting your focus from your business goals.

ContentWriters is home to an extensive team of seasoned writers, giving you access to writing specialists in a wide range of industries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create targeted, conversion-oriented content.

An earlier version of this post by Tiffany S was published on September 27th, 2016.

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