The Benefits of Outsourcing Content Production

The Benefits of Outsourcing Content Production

Content marketing is critical to the success of any business, but for many reasons it often falls short of hitting the right mark. Your company can benefit from outsourcing content production for three key reasons: Time, expertise, and perspective.

Save Time by Outsourcing Your Content

It stands to reason that outsourcing content creation will save your in-house marketing team time that could be spent on other projects, but time plays a much more important role in the decision to outsource content than you might imagine. That’s because lack of time causes many content marketing campaigns to stall, or worse, to never get underway.

You can’t afford to ignore content marketing, but many businesses also can’t afford to invest the human resources it would take to get content efforts off the ground and keep them running. In fact, 37 percent of marketers said that time was their biggest obstacle to creating effective content.

Thus, making the most of content marketing entails hiring a content marketing professional, allocating time for your team to get up to speed on the nuances of content marketing, and taking advantage of outside expertise.

Working with a content marketing specialist allows your business to capitalize on the necessary expertise while controlling costs and limiting the investment of time and resources to the needs of the moment.

Bring Outside Expertise to Your Content Campaigns

Content marketing requires a special type of expertise and extensive knowledge of best practices. Not every marketing professional has that expertise, and most writers don’t. Some key areas of necessary expertise include:

The ability to make complex, dry, or technical information understandable and engaging

The ability to write the right tone, voice, and reading level for the target audience

A knowledge of how website visitors read and process information

An understanding of how to use subheadings and other SEO tools

The ability to weave subtle calls to action into useful, interesting content

An aptitude for naturally incorporating keywords and phrases into content

Outside Perspective Brings Clarity to Content

In some ways, your internal team is best qualified to create content about your products and services. After all, it knows the products, the scope of your services, the pros and cons and the most commonly asked questions. But that same level of expertise can be a barrier when it comes to creating content that’s broadly accessible.

Get Your Content Marketing Underway with Outsourcing

If your content strategy is theoretical because you haven’t had the time to invest in it, or if your efforts are falling flat because your blog posts aren’t attracting traffic, it’s time to consider working with a professional. ContentWriters’ stable of seasoned content marketing writers covers a wide range of industries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create targeted, conversion-oriented content.

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