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9 Compelling Content Writing Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

Whether you’re starting 2017 with a new job as blogger for a nonprofit organization or you’ve served as marketing manager for one for decades, you may occasionally come up short on compelling post ideas. Here are nine content writing prompts courtesy of Classy, a fundraising platform for social impact organizations.

Blog About What Inspired You to Get Involved with Your Organization

Did something you saw on the news or social media make you angry or sad? Reflect on those feelings and free write for 10 to 15 minutes. Changes are, what you wind up with will appeal to others on an emotional level that influences readers to get involved as well.

Blog About What You Love Most About Your Nonprofit Job

Most people hate their job and are more than happy to provide a list of reasons why every Monday morning. What keeps you from calling off sick if it’s raining or snowing? Writing about interactions with the people your organization helps or progress you’ve seen in your community may motivate readers to volunteer.

Write a Movie Review

Did Kathryn Bigelow bring you to tears with her short documentary about elephant poaching? Did Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” make you think about global warming in a way that you hadn’t before you watched the film? Persuade readers to watch a movie that means a lot to your cause and watch the donations roll in after they do.

Blog About Where Contributions Go, What They Do, and Who They Help

As marketing guru Neil Patel told Quick Sprout readers in January 2015, transparency is the key to credibility.

If you want people to donate to your charity, “help them visualize the impact of their contributions,” Classy says.

Blog About Your Volunteers – and Share Photos of Them in the Field

Not only will posts about volunteers express your appreciation for their time and effort, they will help recruit more volunteers who’d like their 15 minutes of fame to show them doing something they believe in.

Blog About Companies and Partners That Help You Help Others

Charity is good press but tooting one’s own horn is tacky. With the foregoing content writing prompt in mind, you may want to turn the spotlight on corporations that make significant contributions. Tell your readers how they’ve helped further your nonprofit organization’s goals, and you’re bound to see contributions continue to roll in.

Likewise, if your nonprofit partners with another nonprofit, highlight how that organization has helped your own. You could even invite someone from that organization to guest blog for a day.

Write About a Win

No one likes to read sad news all the time. People know the environment is in trouble, and they know there are people and animals that need help. Oftentimes, people block nonprofit organizations that they follow on social media from their newsfeed because they can’t take the negativity anymore. So be sure to give your readers something they’ll be happy to share. The example that Classy cited was animal rights organization Mercy for Animals writing a post that announced Canada’s largest restaurant chain had committed to cooking with only cage-free eggs.

Provide Tips for Other Nonprofit Organizations

Just as you found this post, other nonprofit marketers are looking for tips, too. Tell your readers about posts that went viral or fundraising campaigns that raised a lot of money.

Write About Something You Wish Everyone Knew

As an insider, you know things that journalists don’t. Write about them, and you’re likely to gain journalists as followers who can get your message out to more people than you ever dreamed.

Need a Little More Help?

As you know from your nonprofit work, everyone needs a little help now and then. When you’re short on ideas, contact ContentWriters for website pages, blog posts, social media posts, white papers, or video scripts and ask about our satisfaction guarantee.

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