Top 4 Problems eCommerce Site Owners Face and How to Solve Them

Top 4 Problems eCommerce Site Owners Face and How to Solve Them

eCommerce is critical to most businesses that want to reach a larger customer base. Doing business online means that your company can reach customers anywhere, which is why eCommerce continues to grow exponentially.

While eCommerce systems are becoming more refined, there are still major hurdles that companies must overcome. Fortunately, there are many ways to address problems and companies are finding better ways to manage eCommerce every day. Here is a deeper look at the top four problems eCommerce site owners face and how to solve them.

1. Cybersecurity Threats

The biggest problem in eCommerce by far is cybersecurity threats. As the world becomes increasingly integrated with online platforms and practices, cybercriminals are taking advantage of this. Sophisticated criminal networks have pulled off major data breaches, identify theft, and hacking attacks on some of the biggest companies in the world. Therefore, every company is at risk from cybersecurity threats.

For example, Target, Inc. suffered a massive data breach in 2015. Hackers gained access to Target customer accounts with enough information to steal identities and financial information. As a business, Target is still recovering and trying to regain the trust of many customers it nearly lost.

Target invested heavily in data security at the time. Still, hackers were able to circumvent their security systems. It cost the company more than $1 billion to fix the damage.

No matter the size, your business can be a target for cybercrime. However, there are a few things that you can do about it.

Stopping Cybercrime

Your company can and should take action to protect itself and its customers from cybercrime immediately. Here are a few things that you can do:

Invest in Cybersecurity

Your eCommerce systems need to have adequate cybersecurity systems. The systems that you need are proportional to the size of the company. No one expects mom and pop stores to have the security of Microsoft or Target. However, you are expected to meet, at the very least, the industry basics for cybersecurity.

That means following basic protocols and having systems in place to monitor and prevent bad behavior. You should also update your security systems regularly.

Minimize the Target

You can prevent your company from being a likely target by minimizing its exposure. This means reducing the amount of sensitive data you keep that criminals may want. If you don’t need a piece of information about a customer, consider removing it from the system. The less appealing of a target your company is, the less likely it will be targetted.


2. Customer Experience

Shopping online is different than shopping in a store. For example, shopping online is less personal and more difficult than buying in person. Your goal should be to create an eCommerce customer experience that makes shopping online appealing to customers.

Think About What the Customers Want

Talk to your customers to discover what they truly want from your company. If you ask, customers will readily tell you what they want and what does not work for them.

Start a dialog with your customers about how they interact with the company online. Use social media, email, or other direct methods to gather information and adjust your experience as needed.

3. Conversions and Overcoming Objections

Converting leads into customers is easier in a store than online. If customers are in your store, they are already well-primed to buy something. The product is already there, they can experience it, and have fewer barriers to making a purchase.

eCommerce inherently comes with more barriers to making a sale. Products can only be experienced through video or pictures meaning there is a disconnect between the customer and the store. It is easier for the customer to put down their phone and walk away than it is to make a purchase. Your goal is to overcome these objections through effective customer service.

Customer Service Makes Conversions

Strong customer service makes conversions easier. Your customer service team can connect with customers and help them overcome objections by offering a more personalized approach. If you are struggling with conversions, try improving your customer service team so that you can build a better relationship with customers.

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4. The Fight Over Shipping and Customer Expectations

Online shoppers expect shipping to be free, largely because of companies like Amazon. For smaller businesses, this is not possible in most cases.

The cost of shipping is substantial both for customers and companies. Passing the cost on to customers can significantly raise the price of purchases, thereby pushing customers away. Alternatively, absorbing the cost of shipping can make an eCommerce site unprofitable. Still, it is something that you will have to address.

Manage Customer Expectations

Major online retailers shape customer expectations in their favor. To compete, you will have to do the same. Shape your customer’s expectations from the beginning by making shipping and other things that are not included a prominent part of the experience.

Don’t hide them deep in the shopping cart so that they are only seen at checkout. By placing these issues upfront, you can shape how customers see them and respond.

For example, a customer seeing that a product is $10 plus $8.49 for shipping will get a different result based on when the shipping cost is discovered. If it is not until checkout, your customers may feel tricked since the cost is almost double what they were expecting.

Instead, have the customer see the shipping costs before they decide on the product. That way, prices don’t throw a wrench in their plans at the end. The customer will be less likely to just drop it and leave.

Every eCommerce Problem Has a Solution

There are many problems that come with running an eCommerce website. However, every eCommerce problem has a solution. Whether it is through better technology or evolving business management, companies continue to develop new methods of fixing familiar issues. Your company can do the same by taking advantage of new technologies and continuing to learn about the top problems facing eCommerce sites.

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