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How to Recycle Old Marketing Content in 2019

It is true that you should use original marketing content whenever possible, but posting the same content over and over again won’t help your search engine rankings or connect with customers. You can recycle or repurpose old marketing content in new ways. Here are some examples.

Transform a Blog Post into a White Paper

If you have a particularly informative blog post on your website, it is okay to repurpose that blog post into a longer, more comprehensive white paper. You can give the white paper away as a freebie for new email subscribers or through other marketing channels. It can be an effective way to establish your company’s expertise.

Turn Customer Testimonials into High Quality Email Content

If your company has access to customer testimonials, consider turning their praises into an engaging autoresponder campaign for new email subscribers. The first email can be a welcome letter. Then, several days later, you can send out a delay campaign with a series of customer testimonials that really highlight what your company can do. New customers can be convinced to trust your company when they hear why they should from other customers.

Create Audio or Video Versions of Blog Posts or Newsletters

You could turn video content into written blog posts. Or use blog posts to create video content you share on YouTube. By changing the medium for your content, you can reuse the ideas in a new way without much additional work. Perhaps a customer who doesn’t read your company’s blog will find out about you through the video version of a blog post they find on YouTube.

Schedule a Series of Blog Posts from White Paper Content

If you have long form content such as a white paper that isn’t published on your company’s website, you could turn it into a series of several shorter blog posts. You could post part of the white paper with instructions on how customers can get the complete document.

Update Popular Past Blog Posts to Reflect Current Info

If a past blog post was extremely popular and received a lot of web traffic, updating and re-publishing it is a smart strategy. For evergreen posts, just confirm that all of the information is still valid. You may want to include a note that the post is an older, popular post. For time-sensitive posts, create a new version that’s current. For instance, the “best blogging tools of 2018” can easily be transformed into the “best blogging tools of 2019.”

Good quality content is important. Getting that content takes time, resources, and expertise. When possible, it is a smart idea to repurpose content when possible to get the most from every post.

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