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How the Fitness Industry is Dominating the Content Marketing World

When you think about industries that are conquering content marketing, one industry rules them all: the health and fitness industry. This industry takes advantage of high-quality content marketing like no other. Let’s take a look at how the fitness industry is dominating the content marketing world.

Understanding How the Fitness Industry Operates

Before we dive into content marketing, you should know the fitness world is divided into three distinct categories of target audiences:

  • Fitness pros, athletes, and personal trainers – those who understand how the body works and who work out as much as possible.
  • The average exerciser – those who understand the importance of health and fitness, work out regularly, and look for ways to hit their fitness goals.
  • Beginners – those just starting out on their fitness journey and are searching for advice, instruction, and direction.

To create a lasting impact and continue to drive revenue, the fitness industry needs to create quality content with a marketing strategy that caters to all three categories. With an endless supply of fitness brands and businesses out there, this isn’t a problem whatsoever.

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Top-Quality Videos

If you’ve ever seen a Nike commercial, you already know where I’m going with this. This industry excels at creating high-quality videos using fitness professionals and influencers that inspire, educate, and provide instruction for all three categories of fitness consumers.

Consumers flock to channels such as Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks where fitness videos can be shared. They search for new workout routines, fitness programs, workout tips, and nutrition guides. Fitness brands and companies that can provide these resources to consumers will succeed when it comes to content marketing.

Well-Written Articles

All categories of fitness consumers search for the same thing: expert advice. They search for valuable information online with the hopes of improving or maintaining their health. Second to videos, blogging on health and wellness dominates the fitness content marketing world with easy wins in all things SEO and digital marketing.

From learning about how to plan your meals for the entire week to starting a fitness regimen, you can find an article about any fitness or health related topic. The industry does a phenomenal job of distributing expertly written articles by fitness professionals to those who seek advice.

Written content in the fitness industry falls into any of these three areas:

  • Educational
  • Inspirational
  • Instructional

Whether you want to know why salmon is a good source of protein or how to properly do a bicep curl, you can find an article about it online.

Social Media

While the fitness industry conquers content creation in marketing campaigns, it thrives on content distribution and social media interaction. Fitness industry businesses use social media platforms primarily for creating communities of like-minded fitness and health fans. From Facebook groups to Instagram hashtags, you can find all sorts of fitness related communities on social media.

Business owners of fitness brands use these channels and communities to distribute their created content. Through sponsored Facebook posts and advertisements on Pinterest, you can find fitness content everywhere on social media. Plus, consumers use social media to cheer each other on and provide inspiration for those attempting to reach their fitness goals. Between the content and the customer interaction, social media and the fitness industry is a match made in content marketing heaven.

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Telling a Story through Fitness Industry Content

The one thing that makes fitness industry content especially successful is storytelling. Videos show success stories like the athlete striving for glory, the mother of three dominating her daily exercise routine, and the tears of joy as someone reaches their weight loss goal. When fitness brands manage to connect with the emotions their customers feel daily, it’s almost impossible to fail at content marketing.

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