Terms and Conditions
for resume submission participants

Resume Editing Initiative Legal Disclaimers

For Submitters:

All submitters must be based in the U.S. and be 18 years of age or older. Submitted resumes must be in standard chronological format with all required information included. No incomplete resumes or forms will be accepted. ContentWriters reserves the right to refuse without notice any submission that does not comply with our requirements, is incomplete, or is submitted more than once.

Resume editing services do not include original or “from scratch” resume writing, resume design, recruitment, employment, or career consultation. ContentWriters is not a recruitment or career agency and does not guarantee interview acceptance or job placement based on our services. Resume editing services through this program cannot be substituted for any other services offered by ContentWriters. Resumes submitted through this program will not be considered for any open positions at ContentWriters. Resumes must be no longer than 3 pages in length upon submission.

Delivery of resume edits will be provided in Microsoft Word. Following the delivery of the edited draft, no further revisions or revision requests will be processed by ContentWriters. Estimated turnaround time on edited drafts is 14 days from resume submission but turnaround time may require extensions to accommodate unexpected demand.

All personal information submitted through Google Forms and received by ContentWriters with your consent will be used by ContentWriters exclusively for the purposes defined at the time of submission or for a use that complies with these purposes. ContentWriters does not share with any third parties the personal information received with resume submissions. We will not, under any circumstances, share your personal information with individuals outside of ContentWriters without your express permission, including public organizations, corporations or individuals, except when required by applicable law. We do not sell, communicate or divulge your information to any mailing lists.

Data will be stored within our proprietary content management platform for the purposes of managing and conducting editing services with ContentWriters’ staff and editors. We use and apply the appropriate security measures to preserve the confidentiality of your information. All personal information received with resume submissions will be purged by ContentWriters within 30 days following the termination of our resume editing initiative.

The ContentWriters initiative for complimentary resume editing services will expire on May 22, 2020.

For Writers & Editors:

Writers agree that the work provided for the ContentWriters resume editing initiative is being provided on a pro bono basis and that neither ContentWriters nor its clients will provide Writers with remuneration of any kind. Writers may not provide an exchange of services or substitutions. Participation in this initiative is voluntary and will not replace current and future obligations for ContentWriters' clients.

Writers may share applicants' resume information with ContentWriters administrators only within the scope of the initiative and only through the ContentWriters platform. Writers are prohibited from sharing with third-parties any of the applicants' personal information, which includes but is not limited to name, address, contact information, and employment information. Writers will not use the applicants’ personal information for any purpose other than for the purpose of complying with ContentWriters’ resume editing initiative. Writers agree to not add applicant information to job boards or mailing lists or otherwise communicate with prospective employers on the applicant's behalf.

Writers will submit resume editing drafts through the ContentWriters platform only and may not contact applicants directly to submit drafts. Writers are prohibited from directly contacting the resume submitter for any purpose whatsoever. Writers are prohibited from offering advice, feedback, or information that falls outside the scope of this initiative or their assigned role. Writers may not rewrite resumes in full, add any unverified information, or fulfill any obligations that fall outside the scope of the initiative. All edits by Writers must be tracked within the document for the review of the submitter. Writers may not use defamatory language or disparaging comment when referring to the applicant or any aspect of their resume.

If a Writer agrees to work on a given resume, Writer should submit their work on that resume within five business days. If Writers are unable to fulfill this timeframe or if there is a conflict that interferes with this initiative, please contact the ContentWriters administrative team and we will re-assign the task.