Costa Rica: The Eco-Tourist Capital of the World

The adventurous man or woman, who wants to get close to some of the most beautiful spectacles in nature while traveling solo; the daredevil couple, who thinks of a zipline and horseback riding as a prerequisite when it comes to vacation adventures; the active family, who adores hiking, bird watching and sport fishing when away from home; and the group of high school or college friends, who want to say they went water rappelling or extreme canyoning on their Spring, Summer or Winter Break are all examples of travelers who will find sustainable tourism in Costa Rica one of the best adventures for their money.

The Value of Eco-Tourism

To be an eco-tourist, a person has to leave minimal impact on the landscapes he or she visits. This keeps the location pristine and enjoyable for the next person to come through. The aim of adventures like Costa Rica canopy tours is for the traveler to immerse herself in the stunning power of nature. Travelers feel the healing power of scenery as they soar through the sights on the Jaco zipline tours Costa Rica offers. Tourists who visit Jaco tourist attractions specifically designed to be of minimal impact to the surrounding environs do more than just experience the beauty of the scenery—they give back to the area that offers these stunning environments.

The Health-Related Advantages of Eco-Tourism

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that 18 percent—40 million adults—in the U.S. alone suffer from anxiety, and half of those people also suffer from depression. Mental health is a real problem in North America, but between work, school and family obligations, there's little time to manage one's wellbeing. Going on a vacation—and not just any vacation, a vacation that allows a person to get in touch with nature—on a regular basis is a must for any adult's mental health.

Stress and anxiety contribute to physical ailments such as headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, and insomnia. Travelers concerned with their mental health should try the healing power of nature. Visitors can hear the roar of the waterfalls and observe one of the rarest birds in all of Pura Vida. They can listen to the sounds of nature and feel the rush of the wind on their faces as they ride or walk through it. People would be wise to skip the hectic, stressful vacations of metropolitan monoliths in favor of a place that embraces the natural world.

The Benefits of Costa Rica

The more eco-friendly the Costa Rica travel tours are, the more the country benefits. The Costa Rican Tourism Board reported that 2.4 million visitors toured the country in 2013—that's almost half the size of the Costa Rican population. If all of these tourists left an imprint on the country, its natural beauty would be in danger. Eco-friendly activities in Costa Rica help sustain the natural landscape and make the most of the adventures this environment has to offer. Plus, because the landscape remains attractive, it leads to more tourism, which means more money going into the local economy. Eco-tourism keeps the tourism industry thriving.

How to Participate in the Best Adventure

When visiting Costa Rica, book one or more of the amazing Ocean Ranch Park tours. From ATV tours to horseback riding in Costa Rica, Ocean Park Ranch Eco-Adventure Tours offer the most adventurous but sustainable things to do in Costa Rica. The Package Especial—three tours for only $135—is only minutes away from Jaco, Costa Rica, one of the hottest tourist spots in the country. It is an ideal place to visit for anyone who loves the nightlife. The 850-acre paradise is a private rainforest valley with five waterfalls and beautiful ocean views. The abundant flora and fauna make for excellent exotic bird watching and sport fishing. Combine two, three or four tours doing things like horseback riding, ziplining and canyoning for a completely customizable tour experience amidst nature.

The traveler seeking Jaco adventure tours on a budget will find everything she desires in eco-tourism at Ocean Ranch Park. No other adventures in Costa Rica encompass everything from ATV riding to Costa Rica expeditions in some of the most picturesque places on earth. Family-friendly but equally suitable for students and the lone traveler, eco-friendly Costa Rica tourist attractions should be on every traveler and adventurer's dream vacation list—only it won't require a "dream vacation" budget.

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