Danziger Kosher Product Descriptions

Raw Bone-In Ribeye Steak:

Our all-natural, grass fed steaks are like nothing you will find at your local grocer. USDA Certified to ensure quality, you'll be able to spot what sets our steaks apart as soon as you look at them. They are bone-in to preserve the full natural flavor of the cut, and once you take your first bite you will find it hard to go back to eating any other steak. With rich, even marbling throughout the thick cut and a generous portion, these steaks are the natural centerpiece to any meal.

The steak is delicious whether you choose to classically salt and grill it over a fire or pan-sear it with a sumptuous and decadent herb butter. Traditionally paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon which accents the richness of the steak's natural juices, a dinner featuring these masterpieces is sure to delight and impress both you and your guests.

Raw Whole Chicken:

When it comes to delicious gourmet food, chicken sometimes gets a bad name. No longer. Our all-natural chickens are a juicy reminder of the difference that quality can make. In striking contrast to the dry, genetically modified and artificially fattened chickens you'll find at the grocer, a plump and flavorful Danziger Kosher Chicken is a bird that you can be proud of building a meal around.

The perfect poultry for any of your favorite recipes, our chicken is wonderful whether you oven roast and pair it with fresh greens and a lemon-herb rice, or you spatchcock and butterfly it and cook in its own gravy to create a meal that is as stunning to your guests' eyes as it will be to their mouths. Our all-natural birds will be sure to restore both the reputation of chicken and its proper place on your plate.

Asian Chili Garlic Glazed Boneless Braised Beef Short Ribs:

Mouthwatering cuisine usually takes quite some time to prepare, but with our Asian Chili Garlic Glazed Boneless Beef Short Ribs, we've taken the time so that you don't have to. The grass-fed beef is all-natural and must meet our strict quality standards before we prepare it for you. The difficult preparation has been handled, all that you need to do is heat and enjoy.

Sweet and tangy with the perfect amount of zing, the special recipe behind our Asian Chili Garlic glaze is sure to delight any palate it touches. Just be careful if you choose to sample before serving them - we can't guarantee that you won't want to eat them all yourself! You'll want to call the recipe your own by the time your friends and family are done praising it. Of course, we'd prefer if you told them the recipe was Danziger's.

Barbecue Beef Riblets:

Tender, sweet, smoky, and delicious beef ribs are one of the quintessential flavors of summer barbecues and good times with friends and family. Our all natural barbecue beef riblets are sure to evoke those sentiments and delight your mouth without all the hard work of smoking and grilling. The tender, grass fed beef easily tears off the bone and floods your mouth in rich barbecue flavor.

Perfect as an appetizer for a group, our barbecue beef riblets can also serve as an easy to prepare barbecue meal for one or two. These riblets are the perfect choice whether you enjoy them while watching the game or serve them as finger food at a party. With each bite, you'll taste the best part of summer barbecues. With each bite, you'll taste the Danziger difference.

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