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What People Do Wrong with Infographics

Not all infographics are effective. You know this when it is never shared and no one ever clicks on it to access your website. There are many reasons why some infographics don’t receive the praise they deserve, but here some of the most common ones.

It’s All About You

An infographic is supposed to provide valuable information to the reader. It’s not an advertisement of your services or products. You must give readers the information they can use without having to buy anything from you. The free knowledge you’re providing people will foster a relationship in which people will want to turn to you again in the near future for more help with their problems or life. At that time, they may buy from you.

It’s All the Same

Taking another infographic or a few of them and recreating them into your own won’t do you any good. If consumers have already read the information you’re providing, they won’t think you are anything special. If you’re not special, they won’t remember you when they need your services and products.

It Doesn’t Interest Your Audience

While the information may interest you, it might not interest your audience. If it doesn’t interest your target consumers, you won’t bring any new people to your business. Think about your audience as you think about topics for your infographic. What would your target consumers love to know about and what do they need from you?

It’s Too Complicating

You know your industry because you are an expert in it. Your consumers probably don’t know a thing about it. They need information broken down, so they understand it thoroughly. Never use jargon no one understands unless they are in your industry. The easier it is for them to understand your message, the more they will appreciate the information you deliver.

The Information Isn’t Useful

You can be general with your inforgraphic or you can go in depth. Usually, those that are in depth end up more effective. This is because people can take the information and use it to do something great with it. They can solve problems or they can improve their lives. Both of these will make them very happy.

You Don’t Market It

You can’t just publish the infographic to your website and think it’s going to go viral. You have to market it just as you do with your business. Post it on social media, join discussion forums to share it, and make sure to let colleagues know about it, so they can share it with their connections online.

It’s Way Too Long

People won’t spend more than a couple of minutes looking at and reading an infographic. If it takes more than that to read yours, that’s probably why it’s not getting the attention it deserves.

The Graphics Aren’t High Quality

People don’t want to look at fuzzy images, so they will pass on any infographic with them no matter how useful it is. Make sure your graphics are clear and crisp, so you can engage your consumers right away.

Font Doesn’t Work

If the font is too big or too small, it won’t be nice to look at, so people will just move on. If the font blends in, people won’t even take the time to read it. Your font needs to jump out at the people reading the infographic, so they can easily pick up the message.

The Copy Isn’t Catchy Enough

The infographic script is important because it’s what keeps readers engaged. The copy should evoke emotion in people as they read it. They should feel like acting on the knowledge they’ve just gained.

Content Writers to the Rescue with Infographic Design

Infographics take a lot of work. You need to make sure it’s visually appealing and it provides consumers the information they seek online. We want to help you create the best infographic for your business with professional graphic designs and infographic scriptwriters. They have many years of experience creating impeccable graphics and copy, so they would like to bring their expertise to you.

Please call or email us today for more information on how we can start designing your infographic today!

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