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One Product, Different Audiences: How to Keep Everyone Informed

There are many ways successful businesses choose to inform different audiences about a single product. But no matter what you do, a unified marketing strategy that is devoted to targeting those various audiences is what you want to shoot for.

What does this mean exactly? It means, unless you have a fascinatingly good reason (and a lot of money that you don’t mind wasting), stay away from multiple marketing strategies for each type of audience you want to target.

Blog for All

Blogging about your products and service is still an incredibly powerful way to reach a large audience online. You can easily build a prolific blog with searchable subject areas and tags that attract every level of your target audience. From individual consumers to businesses and organizations as a whole, using a solid, targeted content strategy can go a long way.

When presenting ideas to your audiences, tailor individual blog subject areas for them. Think for them: What’s in it for me? What would they want to know that would bring them the most value? In terms of your blog marketing, the blog becomes your single source strategy that broadcasts to multiple audiences, multiple use cases, at various times.

Excite Everyone

A marketing writer in Forbes said, “If I’ve learned nothing else about communication, I’ve learned that people resonate with who we’re being as much as what we’re saying.  If we are to cause feelings of enthusiasm in someone, a la Webster’s definition, we must be enthusiastic. If we want others to be excited and eager to do something, we must be excited.”

Likewise, if you are exciting every audience in your value stream, you will likely attract many different actors from many different walks of life, and at different times during your business career. You can do this by informing a variety of audience through videos, social media, or a solid web content strategy.

Informing Versus Persuading

Advice that comes right out of the Darden School of Business states that a great marketing strategy should consider whether they want to inform or persuade their audiences.

They also say: “To inform, determine whether your purpose simply is to reply to a request, furnish updated information, or maintain contact.”

To persuade, consider a potential buyer’s pain points and respond with clear, concise ideas about your product or service can bring them value.

Creating and sticking to a solid marketing content with great copy will help you advance in learning who your many different audiences may be. Engaging with your customers will continue to help you learn about potential audiences you may have never even considered, and how you might align a new blog or content strategy geared toward them.

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