healthcare content writing

Patients’ Need for Healthcare Content And Your Responsibility to Provide It

Learning something new is easy in today’s world. Most people will turn to the web for news, fashion tips, and academic research. This is a great way to find trustworthy information quickly. But when it comes to our health, is this the best—and safest—practice? Not always. Some healthcare and medical sites frequented by online users …

blogging for chiropractors

Blogging for Chiropractors: Can a Blog be the Backbone of Your Online Presence?

Let’s face it, managing a busy chiropractic office leaves you with little time to create engaging, relevant content for a blog. Your hours are booked with clients, professional development, and the day-to-day details of running a practice. So, how do you find the time and energy to attract new patients, and keep current patients engaged? …

healthcare content

How to Keep Healthcare Content Fresh and Relevant

Nearly 90 percent of healthcare-related businesses have adopted content marketing strategies. In fact, the healthcare industry ranks third in content marketing adoption rates, just behind professional services and software companies. While there’s no denying the importance of healthcare content on providers’ websites and in their blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts, it’s just …

medical marketing

Medical Marketing: Connecting Potential Patients with the Right Content

Creating content for a medical website, blog, or social media post can definitely be a challenge. Much like a starched shirt, health-related content can sometimes be just as stiff as it is clean and sharp. After all, serious medical information peppered with facts and stats doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity and personality. …

medical blog

How a Medical Blog Helps Medical Professionals

In today’s technology-driven age, it is more important than ever for medical professionals to be online. But they need more than just a static website. While a website is great for providing information about a business, medical professionals need to include a medical blog and actively maintain that blog with expert content. And doing so …

facebook marketing strategy

Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy for Medical Professionals

Facebook has become synonymous with marketing in today’s digital age. Medical professionals and practices now need to rely on social media platforms such as Facebook and other digital marketing techniques to draw in new patients and earn the trust of current patients. When starting a Facebook marketing strategy for your practice, use these 4 guidelines as …


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