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Why Long Instagram Posts are Becoming Popular

Social media posts have become an effective method of promoting your company to a wider audience. There are a lot of successful social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Facebook offers a robust interface where you can provide large amounts of information and an immersive experience. However, it can be too much for the majority of casual viewers. Twitter is the op
posite; you can share quick highlights and promote continued interaction elsewhere, but the character limits on your posts make them too shallow.

Instagram is emerging as a better option, especially since you can create longer posts. This allows you to take the best advantages of Facebook and Twitter and condense them into a single platform. If you are looking for a new way to promote your company on social media, here’s why long Instagram posts are becoming popular.


Long Instagram posts allow you to tell the story of your company and its operations. You can provide the right amount of information to tell potential customers what your company is doing in a way that invites emotional investment. You can also include pictures to compliment your storytelling, giving your stories another level of depth and complexity. More companies are taking advantage of this tactic to integrate all their social media marketing into condensed and effective Instagram posts.

Embedded Hashtags

Instagram uses embedded hashtags to allow users to connect to a wider trend. By using the appropriate hashtags, your company can tell a continually evolving story through multiple posts. This also connects your company to the growing trend of social causes. Your potential customers can immerse themselves in socially-relevant topics of interest to them, and you’ll expand your audience through positive association with other organizations.

Visually Immersive Experiences

Another benefit to long Instagram posts is that you can use multiple images to create a visually immersive experience. For instance, you can walk potential customers through a typical day at your company. The ability to take advantage of visual storytelling significantly increases your chances of gaining emotional investment from viewers. This is particularly true since pictures allow us to communicate faster and at a deeper emotional and mental level than text does.

Search Terms

While pictures are a major benefit, the text in a long Instagram post is just as important. There are fewer limits on the amount of text used in a post. Include common search terms in these posts to make it easier for potential customers to find you. For example, if you post about how to choose the right flooring for a project, include flooring search terms in the text so that customers looking for new flooring ideas to find you.

Long Instagram posts are becoming a stronger part of business marketing strategies. You can take advantage of it to promote your business in new ways while reaching a much larger audience. If you need help crafting Instagram copy, contact ContentWriters.

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