Using Content Marketing to Increase Coffee Subscriptions

I am a coffee addict. If you need proof, you’ll find it here and also here. As a coffee enthusiast, I love to try different brands and blends. However, with such a busy lifestyle, I don’t always have the time to research new roasters. Subscription services such as have made it ridiculously easy to try new types of coffee each month without the effort.

How did I find out about Through content marketing, of course. This coffee subscription service excellently leverages content to increase subscription memberships and brand awareness.

How Works

Before they can begin sending perfectly roasted coffee beans each week/month, needs to know the roast/blends the customer prefers. To determine this information, every “lead” or potential member completes an interactive content quiz which distinguishes which coffees they like. After completing, the member is presented with a wide array of coffee options to choose from.

This interactive quiz is what drew me in, personally. I wanted to learn more about the roasts and blends I preferred (I love dark roasts.)

Informative Coffee Content

If you’re going to regularly purchase specialty coffee blends and roasts, you might as well know how to properly make them – right? On their website, has created educational brewing guides for subscribers to use and learn from. Subscribers can learn about everything from brewing methods to the farming processes. It’s quite insightful!

The company then extends their informational content into regular blog posts about the coffee industry, the profiled roasters, and more. This in-depth content puts it all into perspective as you read about farming techniques and sip on a roast you just ordered from the company.

Physical Coffee Content

One content marketing technique that leverages quite well is the use of physical content. In content marketing, we often focus on digital tactics and nothing else. Physical content has the ability to connect with consumers in a tangible way that digital lacks. sent me a piece of physical content titled, “Coffee: A Handbook” coupled with a handwritten letter thanking me for being a subscriber. I received this unexpectedly and was thrilled when I discovered what the content was. The handbook provided thorough educational coffee content that I sat down and read every word of. As a customer, I was elated to receive this special gift from the company!

Another phenomenal piece of physical content is the packaging. Every bag of coffee is shipped in a box featuring witty copy such as “Ah, the smell of coffee”, “Your day just got even better”, or “Ooh, coffee!”. This clever copywriting takes the customer experience to the next level and makes you want to continue your subscription for weeks/months/years to come.

Coffee Content Marketing at its Finest

By mixing educational online content with clever, physical content, creates a community of coffee lovers and loyal subscribers.

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Anne M.

Anne is a copywriter and digital marketing specialist currently residing in the Greater Nashville area. Originally from New England, she leverages her three top talents (writing, marketing, and coffee consuming) for businesses and brands of all sizes across the globe. Anne is a 2013 Marketing Communications/Advertising graduate from Western New England University in Springfield, MA. She credits her launch into writing to her legendary elementary school poem about pizza that wowed the judges and won the creative writing award in her school district. When not writing or working on marketing campaigns, you can find Anne at a coffee shop, exploring somewhere new, or training in martial arts as a 3rd degree black belt.

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