content editing mistakes

The Most Common Newspaper, Magazine, and Content Editing Mistakes

In their rush to be first to report a story, newspapers and magazines are making more and more mistakes. Worse, content writers and editors are picking up publications’ bad habits by osmosis. It’s one thing for writers to commit grammar, punctuation, and AP style faux pas, it’s another for editors to let them slide. Continue …

content editing

Content Editing 101

Editors are supposed to help package how content is presented to an audience. The key word is “help.” They aren’t supposed to rewrite the content. As textbook “Contemporary Editing” said, “Good editing lets the writer’s voice be heard. Great editing helps that voice sing.” Plus, editors can learn a thing or two from writers who …

punctuation mistakes

The Most Common Punctuation Mistakes in Content Editing

Think you know where to place a comma? You may be surprised to learn otherwise. Contemporary Editing recommends that when in doubt aspiring editors should out leave punctuation marks. Perhaps the problem is too few copy editors doubt themselves. Below are the some of the most common content editing errors and punctuation mistakes we see. …

find topics

How to Find Topics Your Target Customers Want You to Write About

Content marketing is most effective when you give your audience exactly what they are dying to know. Answering their exact questions and solving their issues will help increase their interest and loyalty to your content—and your business. But how do you make sure you answer their exact questions? Luckily, it’s not impossible to figure it out. By …


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