Maximize Productivity: Organizing Your Freelance Writing Business

In a perfect world, freelance content writers would have a steady stream of work and one piece of content to write at a time. But, like other professions, content writers have to juggle multiple projects with competing deadlines in addition to administrative tasks and other responsibilities. The stress and pressure cause many writers to quit. …


The Best Way to Research Your Writing Projects

How do find the questions your content needs to answer? First, go where people are asking the questions. Once you have the right questions, dig deep to uncover the best answers. Then, organize your research. A typical research process should look something like this: Uncover the questions. Ask the Internet for the best answers. Organize your research for …


The Five Essential Parts of a Writer’s Website

Creating a writer’s portfolio isn’t difficult, and investing in a website shows you take your writing seriously. But just as all writers differ in their skill level and specialty, every writer’s website is different. Following a few simple guidelines will ensure that your website makes you more attractive to potential clients. A good website: Showcases …


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