Michelle began freelancing after 8 years of marketing within the travel and entertainment industry. Her studies embody journalism and fine arts, and her background includes copywriting, brand development and social media management for everything from small businesses to global corporations. Fun fact: Michelle loves photography and used to be a professional dancer.

southwest airlines

Behind the Business – Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has established itself as a leader in aviation, company culture, and business integrity. Throughout the country’s economic ups and downs, Southwest Airlines remains strong with faithful travelers and unmistakable branding. So what is it about this iconic airline that makes it so successful and its patrons so loyal? We’re breaking it down… History …

gain attention from travel brands

How Bloggers Can Gain Attention From Travel Brands

Engage on Social Media This is the easiest and most popular way to gain attention from travel brands you want to work with. Airlines, hotel chains, travel products, visitor’s bureaus and more all have their own social media accounts. Make sure you are following your favorites and commenting on their activity. Leaving genuine comments on …

social media trends

Social Media Trends To Watch – Visuals And Influencers Are Taking Over

Video Today’s consumers want clear and concise information without the lollygagging. They want brands to get to the point without the noise. In a nutshell, if you can’t capture your audience’s attention immediately, chances are extremely high that they will never get the message you want to convey. According to an article on Inc.com, 84% …

social media analytics

Understanding Social Media Analytics

It’s nearly impossible to mention today’s marketing strategies without also mentioning social media. Engagement campaigns are somewhat mute without the use of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Even more so, social media has proven to be such a powerful too, that there are now ways to maximize messaging and industry presence with tactics …

social media following

6 Key Elements for Growing Your Social Media Following

Passionate Content Ironically, social media is not entirely “social”. What I mean by this is, people may like, comment or share content with others through their social media profiles, but they’re primarily watching alone. In the morning, on our lunch break, before bed, when we’re board, we escape to social media to find something we …

Social Media Resources

6 Social Media Resources

Time management and organization have become somewhat of an art form since the launching of social media. As the originators continue to develop and newbies enter the scene, marketers and consumers alike are multitasking in all new ways. Not only are we navigating social media trends and managing the learning curve with each new platform, …

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